About us

A blog about our struggles with pcos, infertility, pregnancy, and parenting after infertility.  I’m 35 and DH is 34. I have PCOS, and DH has low morphology (3-4% normal).

Our History

2003 – I’m diagnosed with PCOS. Dr tells me to stay on bcp until I want to get pregnant. Won’t give me metformin.

2006 – Go to four different doctors before I find one who will do testing and put me on Metformin. Referred to an RE, have ultrasound showing classic polycystic ovaries. Have to find a new doctor when I move across the country with fiance.

4/07 – go off bcp. no period for 6 months.

10/07 – Provera to induce a withdrawal bleed.

2/08 – Dr. agrees to give me clomid to get me to start ovulating.

3/08 – start first cycle of clomid, 50 mg. O on cd 20. BFN.

4/08 – Clomid 100mg. Ovulated on cd 21. BFN.

5/08 – Clomid 100mg days 3-9. Ovulated cd 19. Everything perfectly timed. BFN.

6/08 – Clomid 100mg, 3-9 again. Ovulated cd 20. Finally get an ultrasound to check follicles on cd 17. Two follicles on left ovary, 18mm and 20mm, none on right. Dr won’t give me a trigger shot. On cd 20, another ultrasound showed one follicle gone (ovulated spontaneously?), and the other is now 30mm. Well timed (and lots of) bd. BFN.

7/08. Clomid 100mg days 3-9. Ovulated cd 20. BFN.

8/08. Clomid 100mg days 3-9 again. Dr won’t up my dose. HSG on cd 7 shows tubes open, uterus normal. DH gets semen analysis results back. Great count, but low morphology. Need to do IUI this cycle. Ultrasounds on cd 12, 16, 20 show no good follicle. No ovulation.

9/08. First RE appointment. Start provera for withdrawal bleed. Waiting for cycle to start so I can try 150mg of Clomid.

10/08. Cycle finally starts. Take 150mg of Clomid cd 3-7. Ultrasound on cd 14. No good follicles. Not responding to increased dose of clomid. Nurse faxes in prescription for injectables. Wait for next cycle to start so I can start giving myself shots.

11/08. Took provera to bring on withdrawal bleed. Waiting and waiting.

11/08. Period finally started 12 days after the last provera pill. Why does my body torture me like this? CD 3 ultrasound, cleared for beginning injections in two days!

11/08. First follistim cycle:

  • CD 3 – screening ultrasound. Left ovary has a cyst, but nurse says it shouldn’t be a problem. Ok to start follistim
  • CD 5 – 75IU follistim
  • CD 6 – 75IU
  • CD 7 – 75IU
  • CD 8 – 75IU
  • CD 9 – 75IU
  • CD 10 – Ultrasound: two good follicles on right ovary (11, 12mm), some smaller ones on left ovary. Lining finally good – 10mm. E2 – 95. Increase dose to 112 IU
  • CD 11 – 112 IU
  • CD 12 – Ultrasound: 13mm, 12mm follicle on right ovary, not much on left. Increase dose again to 150 IU, come back Monday. E2 was 257, lining – 10.3.
  • CD 13 – 150 IU
  • CD 14 – 150 IU
  • CD 15 – Ultrasound shows follicles at: 23, 15,15, 15, 13mm. E2 1162, lining 12.3 (best ever!). Did ovidrel trigger shot, come back tomorrow for IUI!
  • CD16 – IUI. 10 million sperm post wash.
  • BFN’s on cd 8-13. Gave up.
  • Period still not here on 15 dpo. Tested for the hell of it. BFP! With 3 different brands of pee sticks!  Beta is low though: 20. Second beta came back at 14. Early miscarriage.
  • RE says we can move right on to next cycle. U/S on 12/16 to check for cysts.

12/08 – Second Follistim/IUI cycle

  • CD 2 screening ultrasound
  • cd3 – 75 iu follistim
  • cd4 – 75
  • cd5 – 75
  • cd6 – 75
  • cd7 – 75
  • cd8 – Ultrasound and bloodwork: 2 follicles 12mm and 10mm. Bump up to 125 IU follistim tonight.
  • cd9 – 125
  • cd 10 – Ultrasound and bloodwork: One follicle – 14mm, a bunch of smaller ones. Keep the dose at 125 for two nights, then trigger.
  • cd 11- 125
  • cd 12 – trigger
  • cd13 – IUI # 2. 66 million motile sperm post wash!
  • BFN

January 2009 – Third Follistim/IUI cycle. Wait, 3 cysts. No injectables this cycle.

February 2009 – Third Follistim/IUI cycle begins

  • cd2 – screening ultrasound
  • cd3 – 75 IU follistim
  • cd4 – 75
  • cd5 – 75
  • cd6 – 112.5
  • cd7 – 112.5
  • cd8 – 150
  • cd9 – 150. Lining: 9.1mm. R ovary: 9, 8, 8, 8, several less than 6mm. L ovary: 10, 9, 9, 9, 8, 8, several less than 6mm.
  • cd 10- 150
  • cd 11 – 150
  • cd 12 – Ovidrel trigger. Lining: 10.0. R ovary: 16, nine 10-11mm, several less than 8mm. L ovary: 14, five 10-11mm, 3.0cm clear cyst.
  • cd 13 – IUI. 37.6 million total motile sperm post wash
  • Big Fat Fucking Negative, yet again

March/April – started first half assed Femara cycle because we have nothing better to do. Will be unmonitored because we will be out of town until mid cycle. Ended up having an ultrasound when we got home, one 27mm follicle there, but could be a cyst. RE decides to trigger and do IUI the next day. Not hopeful at all.

April 12, 2009 – Easter Sunday. Get faint positive at 9dpo. Due date would be Christmas day.

April 13 – get another positive and a positive digital. Holy shit.

April 15 – First beta is 79. Progesterone is 36.7.

April 17 – Second beta is 250. Progesterone is 28.

May 1 – 6w 0d ultrasound shows one bean with a beautiful fluttering heartbeat. This might actually be happening. Still in complete shock.

May 18 – 8w3d ultrasound shows everything is going well. Heart rate is 170 bpm. CRL is 1.9cm. Released to my ob/gyn. Nothing bad has happened yet.

August 11- 20w4d anatomy scan looks good. 80% chance it’s a girl!

December 4 – 37 weeks. Full term. Wow.

December 23, 2009 – baby Bird joins our family by c-section.



  1. Hi.. I just read through your whole history and something that jumps out at me is that your follicles do seem to be smaller than what I was taught was the rightsize. My RE waits until the lead follicles are at least 18mm to trigger. He said that they are probably not mautre before that, and we took and embryology class and learned that an immature egg can never be fertilized. I am almost 32, have PCOS and we have been trying for SIX years(from infertility treatments to acupuncture, dieting.. you name it)! I just finished my first round of follistim, and go for an IUI tomorrow. I had 6 mature follicles(all were at least 18mm). I have had 6 failed cycles with clomid(only ovulated twice, did IUI one cycle) 3 failed cycles with Femara(IUI all 3 times, ovulated every time) and this is my last IUI cycle before we move to IVF. So this month I took Femara on CD 3-7, and follistim 75iu days 5-12. I triggered on CD 13 with 6 mature and possibly 2 more that might mature before the IUI on CD 15. I wanted to tell you this because I think from reading your history that you might really benefit from adding femara(really helpful for PCOS girls) and then asking your doctor why he is triggering you when your lead follicle is not at least 18mm!
    I am going to be praying for you because I KNOW the frustration and pain that this brings. I am so sorry that you and your husband are going through this. Thank you for posting your story and I hope to hear that you are pregnant very soon. Don’t give up! Anna

  2. 1st cycle
    8-May 50mg clomid
    2-Jun Trigger with ovidrile and IUI
    2nd cycle
    8-Jun 50mg clomid, femera on day 3
    15-Jun HCG trigger
    17th June IUI
    3rd cycle
    25-Jul 50mg clomid,femera on day 3
    CYST formed and cycle cancled
    4th cycle
    17-Sep 100mg clomid, dexamethasone, gonal F
    follicles not maturing , cycle cancelled
    5th cycle
    17-Nov 150mg clomid
    ovaries not responding to meds
    jan 23 2009 laproscopic, ovarian cautery
    6th cycle
    Feb 10th Clomid 100mg
    2009 3 Mar HCG trigger
    2009 5 Mar IUI
    7th cycle
    3/21 2009 clomid 50mg
    day 10, 13 20mm cyst
    still waiting to see if the cyst go away

  3. First off – CONGRATS!!

    I too have PCOS and have done a TON of cycles with clomid/IUI and injectibles and never a positive. I’ve just recently inquired about femara and about to try it next month.

    What was your half-assed femara protocol? What day did you get the 27 mm?


  4. I really enjoyed reading your story. You definately have patience! I am currently in my TWW with IUI #2.

    First IUI was with 5 eggs and 27 mill sperm – resulted in a big fat negative. This time around, I only had 2 eggs, and 9 mill sperm. Highly doubt it worked…but we’ll see…..

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  6. hello ladies,ive just been diagnosed with pcos…..left ovary with microcysts,more than 20,right ovary with many small cysts and one big cyst 36 to 26 mm……i have no physical symptoms,no hairs medium weight, i have bad pms and been trying to conceive for 6months,periods 30-40 days,fairly regular
    i have decided not to take any drugs for now,no metformin,no chlomid….i want to change my lifestyle,reduce my stress and will update you every month
    have talked to my gyn too and he says i shd try what i want first……………

  7. Wow! Thank you for posting this! I know this post is old, but you have given me hope. This is my first round of clomid (50 mg) and I had a 27 mm, 14.5 mm and 13 mm follicle on CD13 ultrasound. My RE wanted me to go ahead and do the trigger shot that night. I was so scared because I was reading online that large follicles could be over-ripened or bad. However, my dr said it was fine. I am not doing iui just timed intercourse. I am so glad to see that your HUGE follicle proved successful for you! After 5 miscarriages and no children, I am trying to find all hope I can. Thank you!

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