Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | October 28, 2015

long overdue and surprising update

20151025_102357It’s been a loooong time since I’ve come here to write. A year and a half? Two years? I don’t know if anyone follows anymore, but I know that I like to read updates on blogs, so here goes.

J turned 3 in June. Birdie started kindergarten in September. And I had baby #3 on September 1st. A girl. This was an extremely surprising pregnancy, and it felt way too good to be true, and I kept thinking that of course it couldn’t work out. But, she is here, after many, many mfm appointments, nsts and ultrasounds, and a difficult c section recovery. She just turned 8 weeks old yesterday. It still feels impossible. We had decided that our family was complete with two. It feels incredible to me that it took a year of fertility treatments to have Birdie, yet J was a surprise bonus, and somehow, while on birth control and at age 40, I got pregnant and had a living baby a few months before turning 41. She is an intense one, this baby. Doesn’t sleep, breastfeeding issues, hates the car. But she’s here, and for that I am incredibly thankful. Birdie and J adore her, and I know that things will get easier. And she’s pretty cute.

I miss blogging here, but I’ve got another blog of the kids that I update daily for family and friends that takes up a lot of time. If any long time readers want, email me and I’ll give you the new blog address. This blog and the whole stirrup queens community got me through the worst part of our fertility journey and kept me sane. I will keep this blog up and try to update it occasionally.


  1. You’re back! Congratulations on the new baby. She is very very cute.

  2. So exciting to hear your news … what an unexpected gift for all of you! Glad you are healthy again and past the difficult pregnancy/birth stages, and ready to tackle the difficult parenting ones!

  3. Oh she is simply precious!! What a wonderful surprise!

    I’d love to read the updates!! I’ve been along for awhile!! I was at “adventures in life” but I haven’t updated in 2(?) years either. :).

  4. Oh wow – Congratulations!!!!! I’ve been wondering how you were going, I guess now we know! I’d love to keep up with the other blog if you dont mind – murraynbec at gmail dot com (sorry, broken up to avoid spam)

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