Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | January 20, 2014

4 years, 18 months

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in 9 months. Things are going pretty well here. Birdie just turned 4 right before Christmas. Baby J isn’t a baby anymore. He had his 18 month well child visit today. How did they get so big?

J is such a different kid than Birdie. He is calmer, more easy going, and generally very happy. He still doesn’t sleep great, but whatever. His infancy was so much easier than Birdie’s. I feel bad saying that but it’s true. I didn’t realize how hard things were with her until I had him. And it’s not just the “second kid is easier because you know what you are doing” factor. It’s all personality and temperament differences. He weaned suddenly at 16 months. One day he just started biting me and I said “no bite!” and put him down in the crib and after that he refused to nurse ever again. So, I’ve had my body back to myself for two months now. It was really hard at first, because I had to pump to reduce my supply so I wouldn’t get mastitis again. I was super emotional. The hormone shifts hit me really hard, but here I am a couple months out and I’m doing much better. I was so sad about being done with breastfeeding forever. I wasn’t emotionally ready, and I really thought it was just a nursing strike. He went from nursing 4-5 times a day to nothing, so it was very sudden.

He started walking at 15 months. He say so many words. He sings, he dances, he feeds himself quite neatly, and he runs and climbs. He is not a baby anymore! It makes me a little sad, but we are done with the baby phase. No more babies. It seems like everyone around me is pregnant with #3, and sometimes I feel a little wishful, but I think I’m ok with being done. If we were younger (I’m 39), if we had family nearby, if finances weren’t an issue, then another might have been doable. But we have our hands full already, and I think another would kill S.

Birdie is so fun, so smart, and so challenging. I love her to bits, and she is delightful, but things have not been easy for her. She has been diagnosed with sensory processing disorder. It totally makes sense, the over sensitivity to sounds, smells, texture. We saw a great occupational therapist over the summer and she helped me a lot to figure out things to do to help Birdie cope with the world. Our insurance coverage is done though, and we are having a very difficult time lately with her, and I am trying to find a private OT to go to. Before the sessions we had with the OT last summer, she had a lot of trouble with coordination and balance. She would fall off chairs randomly. She didn’t seem to know where her body was in space. She fell down the stairs to the basement last spring. Thankfully she wasn’t hurt. I would take her to the playground and have to follow her constantly to make sure she didn’t fall, because she would. Other moms looked at me like a was this crazy hovering parent, but the reality was, she would be climbing up a small ladder and fall right off. Hard to to with a baby along. After the therapy she had this summer, she gained a lot of strength and balance, she learned to ride her tricycle (pedaling was hard for her before), and we got some orthotics to put in her shoes which have really helped with her tripping constantly.

I have read every book out there on SPD. I have been trying to do things with her at home, but it’s not enough. Since her birthday a few weeks ago, her behavior has been getting worse. Part of it is that this winter has sucked. Sucked and sucked and sucked, and we are no where near the end. We haven’t been able to get out and do all the things we normally do. Ice storms, the polar vortex, more snow than normal. Yuck. Also, she still is very attached to her pacifiers. She only gets them at night, but they stopped making her kind of binky and hers are starting to fall apart and break and get holes in the nipple, so we are down to just a few left. We have tried to get her to use a similar kind, but she refuses. She has been so upset about her binkies “leaving”. I have no problem with her continuing to use them at certain times, and I’ve told her she doesn’t need to stop, but she says she doesn’t like the new binkies, that they are “for babies”. We need to get her working with another occupational therapist. It is expensive and completely out of pocket, but we need to do something.

So, overall things are good. I’ve missed blogging here. I didn’t mean to drop off the face of the earth, but it has been a little crazy!



  1. It’s good to “hear” from you! Sorry to hear about the issues, especially with insurance coverage when she needs more appointments. I hope you’re able to work through things, without too much strain financially. That’s a tough situation. I wish I had some advice, but I do hope that things get better with time.

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