Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | May 8, 2012

32 weeks

Wow this is going by so fast. I have been feeling pretty good for the most part, though today I started having some awful shooting pains down my leg, similar to when I was pregnant with Birdie. Now I have neither the time, childcare availability or money to go to physical therapy for the SPD. I have been doing the exercises they had me do last time, and have only had a few days of really bad pain. Today I took Birdie to Buy Buy Baby to get some things and each step I took was misery, and of course she was all over the place and was not super cooperative. I should have known better than to take her there by myself!

I passed my second 3 hour glucose tolerance test a couple of weeks ago. I have a c section scheduled for June 28th unless I go into labor sooner. I am getting really big. Random strangers ask when the baby is due and I see the look of shock on their faces that I have nearly two months left! I have gained about 20 pounds at this point. The baby’s room is slowly coming together, although I keep waiting for S to move several pieces of furniture around and he keeps not doing it. His feeling is that there is plenty of time. Yes, we do have 7 weeks left, but I want to get stuff done before so I can relax and not be scrambling around at the last minute.

We did a 3D ultrasound at 25 weeks. Here is a picture of baby boy.

I still can hardly believe that this is happening. I feel so incredibly lucky and I am very open with people about our previous struggles and how this baby is a lucky miracle. Birdie has been kind of ignoring all the talk we have been doing about baby brother. Once though she did pat my tummy and say “baby brother kick?” She mostly seems highly annoyed that there isn’t as much lap room for her anymore. We bought a couple of books about a new baby, but she has mostly refused to even look at them. She has been playing with her dolls a lot though, and is very sweet and nurturing to them, which I hope is a good sign.

She is still happily sleeping in her crib, and I am scared to move her out of it. I figure we can use the pack and play bassinet for the baby at first and move her at some point in a few months. We do have a new mattress (a full size one that will go on the floor) for her, and my mom got her some obscenely expensive pink chamois bedding from Pottery Barn kids for it. She has become attached to an also obscenely expensive blankie from PBK (the silk trim stroller blanket), and I’ve had to buy 3 backups, at forty bucks each. I want them all to wear evenly though and I don’t want to have a blankie crisis on our hands if/when they fall apart. The sheets and comforter cover for her new bed are the same soft chamois fabric as her special blankies. I hope she loves it.

She is ridiculously tall, so we decided to bypass a toddler bed for her. The crib will eventually convert to a full size bed frame, so we bought a full mattress. I figure that will be a comfy place to read books all together and there will be room to lay down with her if needed. We can take the front rail off the crib and use it to transition. I need to get a video monitor for her room. Do any of you have an opinions or suggestions about which kind to get?

After my last post, we still haven’t switched her to front facing yet, though I think we will do it this week.

I haven’t posted pictures of Birdie in a while. Here are a few from the last couple of months:

She finally has some hair! Getting her to leave hair clips in is another story.

She loves her magnet drawing pad. One of the best purchases ever.

Practice easter egg hunting. She now insists on picking out her clothes and has a fondness for stripes.


  1. Birdie is so cute! It’s hard to believe that you’ll have another one soon. I bet being a big sis will be very natural for her.

  2. i can’t believe how cute birdie is! this is the monitor we have and we absolutely love it, we’ve had it since louise was just a little baby and it’s been nice to be able to turn it on and see what she’s doing in her crib…

  3. Little Birdie is just too adorable! I love that grin! It’ll be fun to see if baby boy has the same big smile! 🙂

  4. so. i thought that i commented, but i don’t see it. i was just checking in to see how you were doing 🙂 so excited for you. i still can’t believe all of it. and those pics of birdie?? omg. she is the cutest thing eva!

  5. Hope all is well. You are close, if not already there! Best wishes!

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