Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | January 23, 2012

avoidance, nt results

I finally did the one hour glucose tolerance test on Friday morning. I haven’t done anything in regards to communicating with my OB about metformin. I did print out a bunch of journal articles, but I haven’t called the office or anything. Things have been busy. Birdie was sick for a good solid week. Somehow I managed to get off with only a slightly runny nose. S was gone for a work trip. Snow and cold have finally hit here. We started a Music Together class and are going to Gymboree so that gets us out of the house at least two days a week. Birdie has a little neighbor friend who she adores and loves having play dates with.

I have my next OB appointment on Friday, and I will just have to put on my assertive pants and talk to her then about the metformin. I think I am going to have to bring Birdie with me, which isn’t good, because I will already be flustered trying to keep her under control. I did stop taking metformin for a couple of days before the blood test last week, but I went right back on it after the test. I am somewhat curious about what my body does without metformin, and perhaps if I fail the one hour (like I did with Birdie’s pregnancy), it will be more ammunition for me to want to stay on it.

One thing that has caused slight worry is that I got a letter with the combined results for the NT test, with both the measurement and blood test. It came back as a 1/215 risk for Down syndrome. That’s slightly higher than the background risk for my age (1/230). When we had the NT scan done with Birdie, the risk went down from 1/300 something to 1/5000. It must be the blood portion of the test, because the measurement looked fine according to what I could find online. I spent a few days worrying about it, and have been doing my best to just put it out of my head. 1/215 is still not terrible odds, and I still need to do the second part of the screening, another blood test in the next few weeks. There is nothing that I can do about it.

It kind of bothers me that all I got was a form letter in the mail from the MFM group that did the ultrasound, and I haven’t heard anything from my OB’s office about it. I am not going to have an amniocentesis. I will not take that risk of losing this pregnancy. I have heard of a new test that is noninvasive and is able to detect Trisomy 21 by a simple blood test. It is very new, but supposedly is available nationwide since January 1st. I will be asking about that test.

I think I am starting to feel the baby move. Little flutters here and there, mostly at night when I am lying down and still. I am nearly 17 weeks now. I can’t believe how quickly this is going by. I am tired a lot of the time, but generally feeling pretty good. I have been having a little bit of sacroiliac pain like I did last time. With Birdie’s pregnancy it started around 16 weeks too. I have been doing the stretches and exercises that my physical therapist recommended last time, but if it gets much worse I might request a referral back to her. Finding someone to watch Birdie will be challenging though.

Birdie is hilarious. She is starting to talk more and more in simple sentences. In Target today, she was saying “Daddy, where are you? Oh, THERE he is!” She loves to play with her baby doll and wrap her up in blankets. She loves loves loves books. We got a Brio train set recently and she loves to play with her choo choos. She loves to give hugs, and just in the last couple of days she will repeat “love you” if prompted. She is definitely in the tantrumy stage though. For as wonderful as she is, she can be challenging. Everything is so intense with her, intense joy to intense anger over being denied anything.



  1. It took forever to get our NT results and they were unable to measure the baby’s nuchal folds. And the specialist SCOLDED me for not knowing my results were fine with just the blood test. We both agreed that we would not get amnio too. It’s just not worth it. I am still angry with the mfm group and I swear I do not CARE what I have to do. If by some crazy chance we have a third I am not going to those clowns. I don’t care if they ARE right next to my ob and they ARE supposed to be so good. They can suck a fat one.

    While my results in the end were not as conclusive as with Peter, I was able to put it out of my mind eventually. You will be too. Promise.

    And yeah, it is way hard to focus when your toddler is there. I suggest writing everything down that you want to ask.

  2. intense is a word i often use to describe taking care of louise!! it sounds like things are going pretty good, glad to hear it 🙂

  3. Sorry that the results are higher than your comfortable with, hopefully it’s nothing to worry about and everything is fine though. Good luck passing the GTT and facing the OB!

  4. i read this post on my phone and just realized that my comment never posted! 😦 boo!

    you are having the worst luck with docs, i swear!!!

    hopefully this is all fine, try not to focus on it (easier said than done, I know)

  5. Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me 🙂

  6. Dude. I am worried about you. Are you fine and just busy? I know the big u’s is soon.

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