Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | December 21, 2011

NT scan, 12 weeks, and thoughts

We have the NT scan scheduled for Friday morning. It also happens to be Birdie’s birthday, so we are having a small party that evening with a few friends and family. We want to start celebrating her half birthday in June, because I do not want her birthday being forgotten every year, but I don’t want to just ignore her 2nd birthday.

I hope hope hope that things look good at the ultrasound that morning, because it will really suck to have to put on a happy face for the party if there is cause for concern. On the other hand, if things look very good, perhaps we will share the news with the very small group of family and friends that night. I am 12 weeks tomorrow. I would feel better about waiting for the combined results of the blood test, but that would be another week or two, and we probably won’t be seeing some of these people for a while.  At the same time, I am nervous about telling anyone. It will probably feel scary whenever we do decide to share the news, so maybe I just need to get over it. If something happened at this point, I don’t think we could just pretend it never happened.

I am starting to feel less nausea, which is nice, because wow, it sucked for a while. I have lost a couple of pounds and am now about 5 pounds less than when I got pregnant with Birdie. I find it difficult to believe, because I am eating A LOT. Hunger wakes me up around 2 or 3 and I get up to eat some yogurt or cheese and crackers or cereal.

I really want to rent a doppler this time. I wanted to last time as well but never did because I didn’t think my first OB would approve it. Have any of you rented one? Which company did you go with? Did you actually need a prescription for it? How early could you hear the heartbeat on your own?



  1. I’m thinking of you & cannot wait for amazing results & good news. 🙂

    I didn’t rent a doppler, but I know Erin did (and is — I actually asked her about the prescription the first time because I thought you really needed one and she said that she didn’t. She got hers online… send her a comment and I’m sure she’d let you know!

    Happy Birthday Birdie! 🙂 And Happy Early Christmas!

  2. I can’t believe that Birdie is almost two!

    I think if everything looks good, sharing the news at Birdie’s party would be nice. It will be scary anytime, but announcing it and getting to share the news with people in person will feel good after it’s done… and then at least you won’t have to worry about sharing anymore.

    You could get Birdie one of those “Big Sister” shirts to wear. A little trite, but still cute.

    I got a Babybeat doppler. I don’t know that I would do it again. I found it very frustrating when I couldn’t find the heartbeat (although I could pretty much always find blood flow sounds). And it’s expensive. I went through the trouble of getting an approval but Babybeat never actually asked to see any proof. So if you want one I wouldn’t bother asking the dr and just going ahead and ordering one.

  3. I never rented one, but I think I should have with Peter. This baby’s frequent movement is very reassuring, and that would have made a huge difference with Peter.

    I had a couple breakdowns when we would have to tell people because I was so terrified of losing the baby. It never got easier for me, it never even got pleasant. It was always scary. However, 12 weeks is about as safe as you can get. We told a few people before 12 weeks, just because they kept trying to feed me forbidden foods and I was tired of pretending I was not hungry. Plus, you are almost surely going to start showing SOON.

    I think celebrating her birthday in the summer is a nice idea. My sister has a December birthday and she does not like anyone to decorate till afterward which can make it a time crunch.

  4. sending you all positive thoughts for your NT scan. And if we ever get that far, I am fairly sure we will be renting a doppler. Not sure what kind yet, though… Glad you’re feeling less nauseated!

  5. I bought a Sonoline B doppler for $40 used (you can find it online pretty easily), it has worked pretty well for me. I do have trouble from time to time, especially early on… but I think mostly it was because I was aiming it at the wrong places, and honestly the bigger the baby is the easier it is to find the HB since dopplers only go a few centimeters down. I still use mine… the reassurance is awesome. I think I was able to use it from about 12wks, but there was a lull until around 18wks where I was having trouble with it and just gave up. I was having weekly ultrasounds anyway due to the SCH, so I just kind of ignored my doppler though.

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