Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | December 9, 2011

ultrasound #3

Wow. It’s still alive! And big! S went with me, which was good, because I was still a nervous wreck. We saw the heartbeat, and arms and legs and it was moving. So amazing. And, surprise surprise, it was measuring more like my original dates. By the revised EDD based on the previous ultrasound measurement, I should have been 9w3d, but the baby was measuring 10w1d by one measurement and 10w2d by another. So, I guess it must have been a positional thing why the baby was measuring small. All that worrying for nothing. We saw the spine and the umbilical cord. The two pictures she printed out for us are terrible and not even worth posting.

She changed the EDD again to July 5th. Because of the revised again dates, I had to really push them to move the NT scan up, because waiting until Dec 28th would have put me out of the window. So now I get to go on Birdie’s birthday, December 23rd. I hope we get good reassuring measurements and results. I am feeling like this is too good to be true, and with my age, it is something I think about a lot. Please let this baby be healthy.

I am feeling very nauseous but am so thankful for whatever reassurance I can get. It has been a rough two weeks. The week of Thanksgiving I got hit with a very bad cold on top of all of the morning sickness. It was brutal, and I couldn’t take anything. Birdie was her normal active self and I barely got through it by letting her watch way too much tv, eat crap food, and tried my best to keep it together. It didn’t help that S was gone for two nights, and my in laws don’t help at all when anyone is sick because they don’t want to catch anything. I get it, and I don’t want to get them sick either, but I was borderline not able to function. In my family, when someone is sick, you help them out. I guess in his family it’s every man for themselves. It’s like when you need help the most, they disappear. Can you tell that I feel kind of bitter about being far away from my family at times like this?

Then once I was finally better, Birdie got it, and then S. Our house has been a snotty mess and is just now finally getting somewhat back to normal. I can’t complain though. Somehow this miracle baby is hanging around and growing. I couldn’t be happier!




  1. So glad the ultrasound went well!!! I am so happy for you. Sorry for the illness and crudieness around, but still thrilled for how things are going 🙂 Hoping the NT scan goes well too. Sending positive thoughts your way.

  2. Yay! What great news!! Your NT scan is just around the corner and I bet it goes phenomenally!

  3. yea!! i’m hopeful that the NT scan will be great and then you can relax and enjoy the rest of this journey!! 🙂


  4. yay!! that is so great, i’m so excited for you!!! sorry you’ve been sick but glad you’re all feeling better.

  5. Congratulations on a wonderful ultrasound!

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