Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | November 6, 2011

Another urban legend

Hey, it’s my 300th post.

And I think I have some appropriately big news.

I am pregnant.

I have been visiting my family with Birdie for the past ten days. When we first got here, I was not feeling so good. I chalked it up to something I ate at first, then thought maybe I caught something on the plane. After observing me complain about several days of nauseousness, and seeing me turn green from the farm smells at the pumpkin patch we visited, my aunt said “Maybe you are pregnant.” I laughed at her. I told her that would be extremely unlikely.

A few days later I was still feeling pukey, so I broke down and bought a test, fully expecting it to be negative. I was shocked to see two lines pop up immediately, the test line super dark.

I called my doctor’s office and arranged to get a beta drawn at the only lab within 30 minutes, at the small hospital where I was born. The first beta was 1382. The second beta was 3100. Progesterone is 30. I am 5 weeks along, apparently.

I don’t know how this happened. Well, I know how this happenens for normal people. But S has 3% morphology. I am still breastfeeding Birdie, only once a day at bedtime, but still. My cycles are still pcos irregular. And the funny thing is, S had a month full of travel. He was home for like 6 days out of the last 30. I was not keeping track of anything, but I think we only had sex like twice this entire month. He came home from one trip with a cold, then went on another trip, then we were all healthy for maybe three days and then I came down with a sore throat and felt like crap, then he left for another trip, and we left to visit my family a week later. I must have ovulated during that 3 day window.

You may be wondering how S is taking this new development, since we have been in disagreement about trying for a second baby, as discussed in recent posts. He was in shock at first. We both were. Hell, I still am. He is taking it far better than I expected. He said that one of his major objections to having a second kid was all the drama of the year of fertility treatments, the way the hormones made me crazy, the worry, the mood swings, the crying, and the financial toll of paying for treatments entirely out of pocket. Bypassing that drama makes it not as stressful to him.

The next day he was a little more freaking out, worrying about how we would handle an infant, the lack of sleep, the logistics. The day after that, he was in a much better space. He told his parents, and I think think their excitement and joy was contagious. It has been difficult, being only able to talk on the phone and skype, and having a three hour time difference. He misses Birdie and I so much, and we miss him terribly too. By the time we get home, he will have not seen us for 25 days. I think we appreciate each other more and cannot wait to be all together again in just a few more days.

Of course, this could all end at any time. The numbers are encouraging, but I want to see a heartbeat. I have an ultrasound scheduled for November 14th, which seems so far away. It is weird not being under the close monitoring of an RE.

I cannot believe this happened this way. I am incredibly thankful and realize how special this surprise bfp is.



  1. Oh my goodness!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

  2. I am so excited for you! After you give up all hope and then are gobsmacked with a surprise. I will never forget the feeling of staring at a stick I ONLY used so I could call and ask for a script to jump start AF and there it was. Miraculous. I am hoping and praying your surprise sticks!

  3. Oh wow, that’s huge news – congratulations!!!

  4. Oh wow, congrats!!! So many positive thoughts, and hoping for more good news!

  5. i’m so excited for you!! i figured your husband would come around and just wait until he holds that little baby in his arms, LOVE.

  6. Fantastic news!!! Praying that everything continues smoothly! 😀 Congratulations!!

  7. Wow! Congrats!
    I’m so jealous though – DH is still going on about how he couldn’t handle a second and is totally overwhelmed with K. And of course AF arrived today. I’ve been using up some of my leftover (and probably expired) clomid and femara to give me an actual cycle and reduce my spotting and give us maybe a fighting chance. Though we don’t get it on much, I think I’ve had us time things well the last 3-4 months. And no luck here. Who am I kidding though, with the crap PCO and the bad MF. Why would we ever manage to get pg naturally when we barely ever have sex?
    I’m glad to hear your story though – it gives me hope. Cause DH just isn’t going to agree to an FET any time in the near future, and if we wait long enough, I’ll call it off because I don’t want them spaced so far apart. Sigh.

  8. So excited for you!! 🙂 You must be thrilled… I am hoping & praying for a healthy baby in 9 months. Birdie will be an adorable & great big sister!!

  9. holy crap! this is awesome!! i have been so out of the loop for the last two weeks, i feel like i’ve missed it all 😦 birdie’s growing up, you have another on the way. super exciting.

    can’t wait until you can get home and give dh a proper hug 🙂

  10. Delurking to say congratulations! You are an urban legend 🙂 Wait….were you relaxing? I knew I should have tried that!

    We are trying for number 2 and it’s just as crazy making as number 1.

  11. Congratulations! I am so excited for you.

  12. I am so beyond happy for you! It is wonderful news, especially given that it provides an answer on what to do with your debate with your husband on this matter, etc.

    I know exactly how excited you are, because last Friday I found out that I, too, am pregnant (I mean, really, our stories to that point couldn’t be more similar…my husband also traveled, we thought we missed the window, etc.). However, mine is not going to happen. Am working on a blog post with all the sordid details. Since it seems like for every bad story there is always a good one, I’ve been wondering who out there was going to get the good story this time around. My dear, I am so so so happy that it’s you. 🙂

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