Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | August 20, 2011


Things are a little better than the last time I posted. The insane heat wave ended and we have had some lovely days. It is warmer than I would like now, but nothing like the miserable days we have had this summer.

Birdie has an appointment for a hearing evaluation tomorrow. Back at her 18 month checkup, I was concerned because she is was not saying many words. It has been nearly a month since we got the referral. We had to reschedule because of her being sick and having an ear infection, so in that time she has started saying a bunch of new words, so perhaps my fears are unwarranted. I’m still getting her checked, just in case. (note: I started this post on Thursday, so the appointment was yesterday. Her ears checked out fine and her hearing is in the normal range.)

I started taking Birdie to the childcare at my gym so that I can exercise. She seems to like it, and lets me leave (unlike when I leave her with my in laws) but she caught a cold there. And then another ear infection. Now she has a rash on her hands, which started the day after starting amoxicillin for the ear infection. The doctor’s office said it was not from the antibiotic since it did not involve her trunk, but really that was the only new thing she had. We are trying some hydrocortisone, but if it doesn’t not improve by Monday, we need to take her in to see what is going on.

We have another offer on our house. But, it is contingent upon our homeowner’s association getting approval for something that could take 60 to 90 days. There are so many ways that this could go wrong. It would be great if we could get it sold by the end of the year.

Until it sells, I am trying not to worry about trying for another baby. We have kind of set that topic aside for the time being. Every time it has come up, S says he is done. I am most definitely not. I see all of these babies and pregnant women and I get that desperate feeling, not quite as awful as before Birdie, but it is strong. As hard as it is chasing a crazy toddler around, and as tired as I am, I do want another baby. I don’t know how people handle it, but they do, and I’m sure we would be fine. I really want Birdie to have a sibling to grow up with, to share all of those inside jokes with, and to have someone to count on when she gets old.

One thing that I thought would positively affect his outlook on the subject was that our friend was coming to visit with her two kids. The last time we saw them was when I was first pregnant with Birdie, and her youngest was a baby. I had these visions of S seeing how great the siblings interact with each other and becoming more open to the idea. That wasn’t exactly what happened! It was a fun but exhausting few days, with a number of squabbles. To be fair, it has a been a very stressful year for all of them. Our friend is in the middle of separating from her partner, and there seems to be a lot of unpleasantness about custody and finances. The kids definitely pick up on the stress. It made me really appreciate having a supportive partner to share all of the hard work with.

In the meantime, I am trying to focus on losing weight. I started using to track my eating in early July. I have lost 8 pounds, which is about a pound a week, which is the goal that I set. I am finally a few pounds below my prepregnancy weight! Finally. I am still breastfeeding (more on that later), so I hope when we stop that I will lose that weight that my body is hanging onto for nursing. The awesome thing is that it really hasn’t been that difficult. Entering food is so fast and easy. It takes me maybe ten minutes throughout the day. It makes me more aware of my food choices. We are eating at home a lot more. I haven’t been to the gym much because of Birdie being sick, but hopefully I can start going more often.

So last time I posted, breastfeeding was winding down. She wasn’t interested at all for a few days. Then she got sick and kept pathetically making the milk sign. She nursed a few times a day when she was sick and now she is back down to just at night. I do want it to be on her terms. I was so sad when I thought she was done. Now when she does nurse, I try to really cherish those few minutes a day, because it won’t be long before she decides she is all done.




  1. Glad to see you post again!
    I’m impressed you’re still BFing. It’s funny how the doc wants K to be off the bottle entirely by 18mo, but they wouldn’t say you have to stop nursing by 18mo. It must be nice to still have that bond. I missed nursing when I swapped to pumping, and was a little sad this morning that K thinks my boobs are fun to slap and pull the nipples on, but has no connection in her head between them and nursing.
    I wonder if we’ll both get a #2. Sorry you’re in the same boat as me with DH being against it. My brother came to visit with his 3 kids a couple months abo, and DH of course said how much calmer it was with only one. I wouldn’t have wanted to be an only child, and would rather not have K be one either. If only we could “surprise” our DH’s like so many other women do.
    Hope the house sale goes through so you can have that off your plate. Good luck!

  2. I’m glad that Birdie’s hearing was normal and she’s starting to say more, but even if she’s not saying that much it’s probably still normal. My SIL is a children’s speech therapist and her son was talking almost at all. She was very on edge about it but she knew it was still normal and finally about a month before his 2nd birthday he had a word explosion and, wow, he’s a talker now.

    Michael is still nursing before his nap and bedtime. I really love it and will be sad when it’s gone. It’s so much nicer than the days when he was glued to the boob. It’s nice to just be able to enjoy that relationship for awhile and not feel like you’ve got to make more milk or worry about whipping it out in public all the time.

    Good job on the weight loss! I was doing pretty well and then that heat wave trapped us inside and I started pigging out too much again. Maybe I’ll do better as we get into fall.

  3. awe, poor birdie 😦 i hope she is feeling better soon. i am with you on the heat wave, i thought i would die, thank-god it has gotten better. it can be even hotter in the city than where we live too, dang. i hope the house sells soon!!

  4. I hope this time the sale goes thru with no more delays! I can’t imagine how stressful selling a house must be.
    I’m so glad little Birdie is feeling better and is talking more! Poor baby girl. Davie has just had one cold so far and it was so stressful! I just can’t stand to see her miserable and not be able to fix it.
    I miss breastfeeding, I’m so glad you got to have some more of that sweet time together.

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