Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | July 13, 2011

i think we might be done

The past two nights, Birdie kept nipping me while nursing, so I put the milkies away. Last night she only ended up nursing for a minute or two, on only one side. This morning when she woke up we were snuggling on the bed in her room and I asked if she wanted milkies. She smiled and made the milk sign, but she nursed for like 20 seconds before stopping and putting a binky in and getting distracted. I might try not even offering to nurse tonight and see if she goes to sleep ok without it.

I was really sad last night and this morning. I told S that I was sad that if we never have another baby, that this could be my last time to nurse a baby. Never having that connection and bonding time ever again. But it seems like it’s time. I nursed her far longer than I expected to. Maybe now it will be easier to lose weight though. It seems no matter what I do, I am still 5 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. It also means I am going to have to eat less though!

Yesterday was a hard day. I don’t know if it’s my hormones changing with the weaning process, or if Birdie is having teething pain, but she was a miserable wreck and I had little reserves to handle it. But then we had a good evening. We went for a walk and to a free local concert, and she loved it. I thought the loud music might bother her and we were prepared to leave at any point, but it wasn’t too loud, and she danced and clapped and had a great time.

There seems to be a snag in the financing part of the offer on our house, so we may be back to square one. I am incredibly frustrated, because our realtor should have seen this particular problem coming. It might be able to be worked out, but if not, we have lost a month and had cancelled an open house on a great weekend. Grrrr.



  1. We had a terrible week or two after we finished nursing. All the hormonal changes gave me what felt like the worst PMS ever. My husband actually suggested we put Peter into daycare because i was complaining so much. Once i realized it was the change in hormones it was much easier for me to step back and calm down. You would not think it would be that big a deal to stop when you are only doing it once a day but it was a huge deal for me.

  2. boo… i’m sure there is some hormone stuff making you feel even worse, it would be hard to stop breastfeeding but i imagine you will feel a little better in a couple of weeks. sorry to hear about the house too, i hope it works out, snags with housing stuff are such a bummer.

  3. I’m glad the weaning seems to have gone well at Birdies pace. I had some crazy hormone swings when I stopped pumping, and ended up with terrible anxiety and insomnia for quite a while. I think it’s finally letting up about 3 months later. Hope yours don’t last so long.

  4. I’m sorry, because I do understand how hard it is to stop nursing. But it gets easier as time passes to move on from it. And yes, you will absolutely lose those five pounds — bonus! I think you will find that you like having your body back and that it feels okay. But I’m thinking of you as you get over that hump.

    So sorry about the challenges with your house sale — boy have I been there too. I’m sure it will all work out, but I feel your pain! Hopefully it will work out. I know the banks are being super stringent now but I’ve heard of several challenges recently that got worked out ultimately, so hopefully yours will go in that direction too.

  5. I know I will miss it when Michael weans, but I’m trying to look forward to the positive side of weaning. Hopefully you will get another go at it and maybe not bfing will make that easier.

    Isn’t it great how much more fun the kids are becoming? Mine has gone from something that screamed every time, the whole time we got out of the house with him to becoming this social cutie that delights everyone. I’m not missing those newborn days (maybe I will when the tantrums start).

    Sorry about the financing falling through. I’m not fond of the process, it’s a real PIA but hopefully you get another offer soon.

  6. so hear you. i hated the feeling that “this might be the last time i do this.” BUT after several months of not nursing: i can tell you it is nice to have some more flexiblity in your schedule. and nice to have your body back completely.

    sorry about the house stuff. i really hope that everything works out. 🙂

  7. I’m really struggling with the end of breastfeeding, too. It’s so wonderful that Birdie got to nurse as long as she wanted to. You’ve done such a great job!

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