Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | June 20, 2011


Somehow in the last six weeks or so, Birdie has learned how to sleep. As in like most nights she doesn’t wake up at all. I don’t want to jinx it, but she sleeps 10-11 hours straight, fairly frequently. Maybe one or two nights a week she wakes up crying and I go in after a couple minutes if she doesn’t settle herself and I rock her back to sleep.

I don’t know what changed. We didn’t do anything like sleep train or cry it out. Maybe she is just developmentally ready to sleep better. Maybe she is tiring herself out more during the day with all the walking and running she does. Maybe she isn’t bothered by teething anymore because she has almost all of her teeth. She usually falls asleep fairly easily. For naps, we read two stories and I just lay by her until she falls asleep, then I move her to her crib. At bedtime, I nurse her, but she doesn’t often fall asleep during nursing. She usually flails around a little bit and plays with her binkies while I lay next to her, and then she eventually falls asleep and I transfer her to the crib.

I had worried so much that she would never sleep through the night. I worried that we might have really screwed up by not sleep training. I wish I could go back to the me from a year ago and reassure myself that she will sleep better eventually. I know things might change and she will go through rough patches with sleep, but it is better than I had hoped for. S and I are actually getting a good amount of sleep! I told him that this is probably the point where people start thinking hey, we can handle another baby. I don’t think he is there yet though.

We have had more family visiting, which was really a lot of fun. I have told my family that I am not taking Birdie on a plane by myself for a while so they will have to come here to visit me! She is 90% a total joy, but the 10% when she is unhappy or doesn’t want to get in her car seat or has a tantrum about something, boy it is miserable. She is talking a bit more, but still only a few words. Maybe when she can talk more and communicate better, it will be easier to travel with her.

So, how has your baby/toddler’s sleep changed over time? Oh, and Birdie is so tall that it won’t be long before she can crawl out of her crib. I am terrified! How have you made the transition out of the crib?




  1. louise has always been a good sleeper and it sounds as though birdie is becoming one as well! we didn’t really sleep train, i wasn’t a big fan of the whole cio thing, i guess some kids need it? louise wasn’t one of them luckily.

  2. We haven’t had any major changes in sleep over the last few months – were just blessed with a good sleeper to start with. There’ve been only a couple times where we CIO because she just was not consolable otherwise and we knew she needed sleep. After 5min of crying, she’d finally pass out. Hope things stay this good!

  3. I’ve been meaning to comment. I hope that it continues to get easier to put her down. It has just become so much more pleasant to put Michael down lately. Tonight I I told him bedtime and he was trying to climb into the crib on his own. Then I put him in and he grabbed his blanket off the side and laid down and cuddled up with it. I never would have guessed that he would be so good at this by this point in time.

    We cio’d a couple of times when he just refused to go to bed and he needed to sleep. He was just beyond dealing with and it was ugly… puking ensued. So the first time I laid him down awake the other week and closed the door, I was just waiting for the crying to start, but it didn’t. We didn’t really do anything new (other than the use of the nap sign), he was just ready for it. So Birdie will get there. I think you have to follow their cues and push them when you need it.

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