Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | May 24, 2011


Rather than dwell on how long it has been since I have posted, here are some pictures.

I’m not sure if she is screeching here or just laughing wildly. She has so many teeth now that I cannot count them. It also explains why the past six or so weeks have been awful. Eye teeth and molars suck.

Exploring the cabinets in the new house. We left one without child locks so she can have a cabinet to climb in. She loves to climb in and shut the doors and have someone look for her.

Easter eggs!

Taking a ride around the neighborhood in her new wagon. I always have thought wagons are kind of stupid. I mean, they are cute and all, but they are not as comfortable for the kid as a stroller, and not good for your back to pull with one arm, and not easy to keep an eye on the kid so they don’t climb out. However, we saw this at Costco and S is a sucker when it comes to buying things for Birdie, so we got it. It turns out that she LOVES it.

This photo illustrates how to keep a toddler busy for fifteen minutes, how to keep them from smashing their fingers in dresser drawers, and what to do with leftover painters tape. I highly recommend it!

Our old house is finally on the market.  Birdie is finally starting to sleep better. I got through several long weeks of S being out of town for work as well as two ten days visits from my mother. Things are starting to get better.



  1. she’s such a cutie, i hope someday we can all meet… maybe at san chez 🙂

  2. OMGEEEEEEEE I missed you and was just thinking of you today! I will have to try the tape thing as Peter has found my last nerve and is twanging it while laughing at our childproofing.

  3. omg. she is sooo cute!! and your house looks great 🙂

    i’m a single parent for the next few days and thought and was thinking about you. if you can make it, so can i 🙂

  4. Ah, she looks so cute. She’s got such a sweet toddler look.

    Michael is cutting his molars right now. Yeah, not fun, but it will pass eventually.

    Your house looks so clean. It looks like a hurricane came through mine on a daily basis. I bet having a new house is extra motivation to keep it picked up.

  5. She is getting so big!! She’s so pretty!! Glad to hear things are great!

  6. Glad to hear from you and see photos of your cutie!

  7. Oh! She’s just scrumptious! I want to smooch her like crazy! Mwah!

  8. Birdie is just too sweet! Looks like she’s loving the new house. I don’t know how you do it all! Hopefully the old house will sell soon!

  9. Sooooo cute!!!!! I hadn’t been checking as frequently since you hadn’t been posting, but was thinking about you 🙂 Love the photos.

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