Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | March 19, 2011

moving sucks

We closed on the new house two weeks ago. Then S left for a week long business trip the next day. My mom visited for ten days (most of them while S was gone, thankfully for him). We all survived. She was actually quite helpful, as she would occupy Birdie while I attempted to organize and pack boxes.

I never left Birdie alone with her, which I think really offended my mom, but I don’t care. On the second day she was here, she managed to lock herself out of the house while I had taken Birdie and a load of stuff over to the new house (20 minutes away one way). It was 28 degrees outside and she was in slippers and thin clothing, no coat. She found a neighbor who let her call my cell phone, but he didn’t ask her inside, so she waited about half an hour outside on our concrete porch, freezing, for me to rush back to let her in. I felt so bad for her. Imagine if she had been watching Birdie and had gotten locked out with Birdie alone inside! No way. She is not in good enough physical shape to pick Birdie up and walk with her up and down stairs.

S has been home now for a week, and we are still not at the new house. We got our appliances delivered on Tuesday and window coverings on Wednesday. I had been hoping that we would be staying there by now, but we have so much left to do and I just got movers scheduled to move the big stuff at the end of next week. We are trying to move all the small stuff ourselves.

Right now, I am swimming in boxes and losing my mind. S just throws shit into random boxes, doesn’t label whats in them or where they go, and I am the complete opposite. I am the worst combination of perfectionist and procrastinator. I have all of these grand plans for how to be organized, but I cannot seem to make it happen.

If I had to guess, we are probably about 60% done with packing stuff that will go in boxes, but we have done all of the easy stuff. The kitchen is mostly moved over except for baby essentials, a small number of dishes, and a small amount of food. Our closet is half moved. Birdie’s room is 10% done, mostly because I cannot do ANYTHING these days without her clinging to my leg, and the only time I have to pack is when she is napping, so her room is the last place I have been able to work.

If any of you have any tips about moving or packing, or just how to stay sane, please comment!




  1. My husband and I moved seven times in eight years. There is nothing really wrong with either your or your husbands method. The best way for me is to label things Kitchen RIGHT AWAY for stuff you need, you know Right Away, or Kitchen LATER for junk that can wait.

    Then tell people helping you to unload to put each box in the room it belongs.

    Then, just breathe. No one has an organized move ever. It always gets random at the end.

  2. dude… good luck, we closed on our house 5 days after i had louise and started moving the next day, it sucked.

  3. i hate hate HATE moving. seriously. it totally stresses me out. so much so that i would consider NEVER moving again. lol.

    you’re my hero for moving with a baby AND during the cold months!

    good luck!

  4. I don’t have any advice about moving, no matter what I do it’s always a jumbled pain! Yikes about what happened to your mom, that had to suck so bad for her 😦 And I agree, thank goodness she didn’t have Birdie with her!

    Best wishes on the move!

  5. Yes, moving sucks. No advice, just commiseration.

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