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Thank you guys for the food ideas. I appreciate all of the comments on the last post. I am glad to know that I’m not the only one giving jarred baby food still! In a new development over the past three days, she has started to love eating peas. I have been offering them for months, and she just the other day started popping them in her mouth, one after another. Yay!

I found the Dr. Praeger’s sweet potato littles at the store but haven’t tried them yet. I plan to try all of the suggestions you guys gave, except the meat ones, since we are vegetarians! On that note, I have had some frustrations with my mom about our decision to raise Birdie as a vegetarian. Both S and I have been vegetarian for a long time (me since I was 12 and him since he was 20). My mom keeps making snide comments about how mean it is that we will never let her have a good steak or hamburger. I became a vegetarian for ethical reasons when I was quite young. It bothered my parents a lot, and I have to admit that rebelling against them made it extra appealing.

S and I have always said that we would like to raise our kids as vegetarians, but obviously, the choice is ultimately theirs when they grow up. When Birdie was losing weight and refusing formula and we were referred to a feeding clinic for her issues, we talked about it and both easily came to the conclusion that if we needed to give Birdie meat in order for her to get enough protein, we were fine with that. Her health comes before our own personal food choices. The feeding specialist was not concerned with her being vegetarian and had their nutritionist give us some information on vegetarian diets for babies and toddlers. The handouts weren’t all that specific or helpful, just kind of common sense, though it did make us feel better about what we had been giving her.

Since she has been eating so well and gaining weight appropriately again, we don’t have to worry about the meat stuff. I do worry that my mom will not respect our wishes and will try to offer Birdie meat at some point behind our backs. If at some point, Birdie wants to try meat, that is her choice and I will be fine with it, but I will not tolerate my mom or anyone trying to be sneaky and give her meat without our knowledge. She arrives tomorrow to visit us for ten days. I plan to have a talk with her about it. That and perhaps never leave her alone with Birdie!

We are going to be moving to the new house in a few weeks. My mom is visiting for twice as long as she ever has before. S has a week long business trip while we need to get all packed up. Birdie has more teeth coming in and is throwing enormous fits during diaper changes. Wish me luck!


  1. good luck with the move!!

  2. wow. that’s a lot to deal with! i don’t understand what it is with grandparents thinking that they can just give whatever food they want. b’s mom gave my nephew all kinds of crap when he was one (doritos, pop, whole hot dogs, etc) and my parents told me that i should be letting our kids eat cheetos right now. honestly it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. you’re the mom/parents. you get to make the decision.

    for the record: our kids LOVE sweet potatoes and wouldn’t eat the sweet potato frozen thingees. 😦 boo.


  3. My first reply went away somewhere. Stupid computer. Anyhow, stay strong. The majority of my family thinks I am overly fussy about Peter’s food and that I am denying him his rights as a child by not giving him Cheerios/zwieback/Gerber/whatever mainstream food they are holding in their hands.

    I am certain they will feed him non-organic food. I am ok with it in degrees. Big old glasses of milk, NO. A little spoonful of ice cream or a piece of cheese once in a while ok. Doriitos/hotdogs/candy/OMG SODA HELL NO. Over my dead body. I get around that by bringing his food with me. So that if they want him to try something he is already full from the food I approve of.

    I remember a study I read in Vegetarian Times, and vegetarian children were fine and healthy. Your Mom is going to slip something to Birdie for sure and call it “just a taste”. I would bet money on it. Just remember that Birdie will like what she is used to and meat tasted weird when you are not brought up on it. So even if your Mom does that it should just roll right off Birdie’s back.

  4. I think that’s crap about the snide comments, but I know what you mean. Before infertility, we were both vegetarians for 6 years (ethical reasons) and we made it no secret that if we had kids we would raise them as vegetarians too. Our families always went on about how if they were baby sitting they’d sneak the kid meat, and so on and so on. To which I said, fine, you won’t ever baby sit my kid or be left alone with my child. Obviously a mute point now, especially since we did start eating meat because it was just easier for me (dietary wise, reducing carbs). We had to reintroduce meat slowly because our bodies weren’t used to the animal proteins, started with seafood and then worked up to poultry. Was really hard though, and still not the happiest about the decision. We still eat mostly vegetarian meals, and honestly I don’t like the taste of meat still. I grew to like some seafood, and poultry is okay… but I still don’t do beef. It tastes disgusting to me. And people think I’m making that up, but it really does. I was okay with it before, but after 6 years as a vegetarian… I’m not.

    Try not to let them get to you. I wanted to slap mine a lot when they said those things to us, but just kept trying to educate them and make them realize it was our choice/kids choice and not theirs. Hope they knock it off for you, and respect your wishes.

  5. I tried to find the post Mel wrote about how teaching her children to respect meat but I couldn’t find it. Her twins are kosher and also follow a practice that (and I can’t remember the word for it) makes you be more respectful of meat than other foods because an animal gave its life for it. So for example, you can take as much vegetable as you want, but only as much meat as you will eat since taking too much would be disrespectful and wasteful. I thought that was pretty neat. So if someday Birdie decides to eat meat you might teach her something like that so that she understands the significance of it.

  6. Good luck with the move! My heart goes out to ya. Teething AND a move, that’s a hard combination! I hope your mom is all the help you need and not a stressful factor.

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