Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | February 14, 2011


We finally know why things have been a bitch lately with Birdie. I knew she was working on three new teeth (two on the top and one on the bottom), but she apparently also had a freaking molar coming up. I had no idea that she could get her first molars this early, especially since there are so many teeth I thought would come first. I felt back there the other day and whoa, there was a sharp pointy thing in the back that I was not expecting. Another point came up yesterday. Two of the three teeth I was expecting have cut through too. Poor thing. No wonder she has been miserable.

Sleep has been getting better, thank goodness. I was a mess there for a while, because S hurt his back and couldn’t help much, and then once he got better, he was gone on a business trip for a week. Of course he was gone for The Great Blizzard of Groundhog Day 2011 and I was all freaked out that we would lose power. We did get a lot of snow and it was wretched in many ways, but we did not lose power, nor did the roof collapse, and no trees fell on the house, and we managed.

I did get so sick of being in the house though. Birdie and I didn’t leave the house for 4 days. The roads were awful. Oh, and I managed to leave one of the car doors slightly ajar, so the battery in our prius died. The snow had ended, the sun was out, the roads were looking okay, and I was desperate to get out of the house and take Birdie somewhere to walk around. I took a shower with her in her pack and play outside the bathroom door (quite a feat in itself), got her all bundled up, packed the diaper bag, loaded her and everything in the car and I go to start it, and NOTHING. Fuck. I must have left the back door not entirely closed when I was unloading stuff from my stock-up-before-the-storm grocery store trip.

I cried.

S’s car was buried under several feet of snow in a parking space a ways away, and it doesn’t have a car seat. I would have had to spend half an hour digging that shit out, and move the car seat in order to go anywhere. In the mean time, what would I have done with Birdie? I couldn’t leave her in the house alone. It was FREAKING COLD and windy (single digits), so it’s not like I could keep her outside for any length of time and hold her while I shoveled with one hand. I couldn’t even wrap my head around what order I could have done things. I suppose I would have had to dig out enough to get to the back seat, install the car seat (and where do I put her while I do that? and walking back and forth on the icy driveway is dangerous in itself. I’m always terrified of falling while carrying her and her hitting her head on the hard icy ground), put her in it and start the car to warm it up (which would take forever because it was so damn cold) and hope she didn’t cry while I dug it out and scraped off 50 zillion inches of ice off the windows. This is precisely why we are moving. Next winter we will have a 3 car garage and NO DIGGING OUT OR SCRAPING OFF WINDSHIELDS IN THE MORNINGS! I could have called AAA, but they were dealing with enough accidents and things related to the storm that it would have been hours before they came. I cried, called S, who was in sunny California, to complain and went back in the house and ate some cookies.

Things are going better now.  S is back. Birdie has been sleeping a lot better. Instead of getting 2-3 hour stretches, we are getting 4 to 6 hour stretches, and on Saturday night, she slept 8 hours. We heard her twice on the monitor that night but she settled herself back down without us having to go to her. It was lovely. I feel nearly sane!

Still no walking. She did hold my hand and kind of lunge at me with a step or two yesterday, but I’m not counting that as first steps. She is just not all that motivated. She has been super clingy lately. If I walk out of her sight, she does this ooo hoo hoo cry, that is a totally new cry. It sounds so fake that it is hard not to laugh. This separation anxiety thing is new. On one hand, it is awfully nice to be that important to her, but on the other hand, I can’t even pee quickly without her falling apart, let alone get any cleaning or cooking done!

Where is spring?



  1. i want spring too!

    Lol to the molars-i’m sure it was awful going through it-i’m laughing because the same thing happened to me with E. She slept horribly and refused to nap for a good week and when I checked her mouth the poor girl had cut 3 molars without me noticing and giving her tylenol. I felt awful. But after that things got so much better it was ridiculous 🙂

    I hope you guys get out of the house more now that the weather should be clearing!

  2. I am so with you! So ready for spring and walks outside — fresh air. So sorry about that day with the car — I could totally feel your pain. One day while my husband was away a couple of weeks ago, I was so fed up with being inside that I bundled us both up, put him in a backpack carrier (literally the only way to get out given that nothing was shoveled or plowed at that point) and traipsed to the post office. I felt like if I couldn’t get out I would literally lose my mind. Anyway, so glad Birdie is sleeping better — hopefully the trend will continue!

  3. We are desperate for Spring too. We went grocery shopping and to WalMart today and I about died from excitement. Friday is supposed to be really nice and we are going to take our first walk since some time in early November! WHEEE! FREEDOM! I would have cried too. My husband and I are both afraid of Peter’s next teething bout. I am just praying they don’t come in all at once like the first five did.

  4. We TOTALLY went for a walk today. It was amazing. Freedom!!!

  5. It was 75 here today! All the snow has melted and I got to take Michael outside and try to get him to walk out side (still not walking here either).

    I hope you like it better in your new home next year. I hope that is a fun process for your all.

    I’m on the look out for molars now. I think we are safe so far. I tried to touch his gums the other night to check and I barely got my finger in his mouth and he puked. I’m not going to try that again.

  6. yuck. i hate the snow sometimes. (like now when B is outside shoveling the surprise 8 inches that we got last night! it’s supposed to snow some more today, too!). last night as i was watching it come down i got worried about what i would do if one of the kids had to go to the ER. i decided that i would likely call an ambulance. that way they could at least have care during the hour trip it would likely take in that weather! yes, i’m totally crazy.

    isn’t it surprising when the molars pop up? we were totally shocked when M’s molars came through. i think it’s b/c you can’t see the gums the same way, you know?

    glad you got to enjoy spring a little (or spring like weather, anyway) before this last storm came through. i think you guys are still under a weather advisory today!!


  7. oh my gosh, I had no idea so many teeth could come in at once! Poor baby Birdie. And poor you! I hope y’all finally managed to get some time out of the house! I just can’t imagine it. I’m a warm weather girl all the way! I’d have been Jack Nicholson in The Shining crazy by then!

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