Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | December 30, 2010

first birthday!

We got back a few days ago from our trip to visit family for Birdie’s first birthday and Christmas (well, technically her second Christmas). It was a very good trip despite the 10 days straight of rain (coming from cold Michigan we were hoping for a little warmth and sunshine, but no), a very squirmy whiny Birdie on the flights, and a few more challenges. It was so great having S travel with me. I don’t think I could have done it without him. I’m really quite scared to fly alone with her now that she has all of these new screams, wiggles, and very strong opinions.

On the morning of her birthday, she woke up with a fever and was absolutely miserable. We ended up taking her to an urgent care center and sure enough, she had a raging ear infection. On the day of her party! After a bit of ibuprofen and a loading dose of zithromax, she pulled it together and was a slightly quieter version of her normally happy self for the party.

I cannot believe she is a year old!

I had bought an adorable fancy pink dress from baby gap for her to wear at the party, but she was feeling like crap and was not thrilled about it and kept pulling at it and getting stuck crawling because the skirt was too long, so I changed her into this comfy shorter dress from grandma, and she was a lot happier.

She went to town on the cake. I wasn’t sure what she would do, as a lot of new things just get ignored, but wow, she dug right in.

She got it all over her face and in her hair.

We flew home on Christmas day, which sucked, but was the cheapest way for us to fly. I am so glad we celebrated her first birthday in California. Overall we had a great time. During breaks in the rain, we managed to do a lot of fun things (went to her first national park!), and she got to see my big crazy family.

A few days before we left on the trip, we finally had our appointment with the feeding clinic. It was not as helpful as I had hoped. We got a few suggestions – the main one was to try adding milk to the yogurt that she will eat until it it drinkable (over several weeks/months) and then decrease the yogurt until she is just drinking milk. They also upped her zantac dose, which I had been asking about for months at her primary care doctor. I was hoping for some more specific dietary information, but all they had to give us about raising vegetarian babies was a handout that we had already found on the internet, and its main focus was on dairy and drinking milk!

Anyhow, they want to see her again in 2-3 months, and so far her weight is doing better. I rented a scale from the lactation consultant for a month, and in that month, she gained 1.5 pounds and is back up close to 40th percentile. Unfortunately my milk supply is down a bit, probably from the stress of traveling, and I’m munching the fenugreek again trying to get it up. She also managed to catch a new cold while traveling and is all snotty and coughy and is not eating well, but hopefully we are over the worst of it.

I am glad to be home!



  1. Wow, what a week for you all! You’re so brave to travel. Looks like the cake was a hit! 🙂 I feel the same way about cake!

  2. Happy birthday to her! So glad she is feeling better. H just recovered from a double ear infection and was miserable, so I can really relate. It’s so sad when they’re sick.

  3. yea! happy birthday birdie!! can you believe it? little T had croup on his first birthday party day, too. 😦 poor little things!

    glad you are finally home from all of the traveling. hopefully now you just have some time to relax and recharge a bit!


  4. Happy Birthday!
    Glad to hear the eating is going a bit better. Hope the milk/yogurt thing does the trick.

  5. Birdie! Happy Birthday! What a big girl you are!

  6. happy birthday birdie!! louise’s is in a month, i can’t believe it. looks like she did some damage to that cake. is the feeding clinic at devos? we are headed back to good ol’ dr. young next friday, woo hoo.

  7. Sorry about the sick birthday girl, but it sounds like everything pulled together. She appears to be an excellent cake smasher.

    With Michael, he had several ear infections but it was more the fact that we simply could not get them to clear up that made us realize that tubes were the best thing. And all those antibiotics are not good for anyone either (not to mention the thrush). But I do think there is a guideline about the number of infections in a certain period of time. I think talk to your ped or an ent you trust to hear the theories about getting vs not getting them. Some docs are really conservative… probably too conservative and make babies suffer more than they should, IMO, but I don’t think you are anywhere near there yet. I think it was starting to delay Michael’s speech so and the lack of effective treatment made it a no brainer for us, but if she’s responding well to antibiotics and babbling appropriately, maybe it’s worth it to hold off. Because if they have to get multiple sets then scar tissue can form and decrease hearing too. AND, he can’t get water in his ears and has to wear ear plugs to go swimming and he would have to wear them even in the bath except we keep him in his bath seat that prevents him from accidentally dunking his head. But that is a big bummer.

    Michael has eaten meat. Sad, I know. I had hopes of raising a vegetarian baby (although I’m not sure that my husband was all for that) but with the allergies I don’t think it would be responsible (or healthy) to force a baby that can’t eat legumes to be a vegetarian. I’m living off of dairy right now and I don’t want him to also.

  8. What great photos. Happy birthday Birdie!

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