Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | December 7, 2010

some progress

Renting the scale has been very helpful. I don’t see how this is possible, but in the week and a half that we have had it, she has gained 10 ounces. The past week she has eaten a TON of food. As soon as I wrote that she didn’t like cheese, she started loving cheese. She likes to eat shredded pieces of cheddar. She would eat yogurt for every meal if I would let her. Can you give a baby too much yogurt? She will eat an entire 4 oz yo baby at once now, whereas before I was lucky to get her to eat half. This morning I made her scrambled egg (just the yolk) with cheese, and she seemed to like that. She even ate jarred green beans and rice, which she used to refuse.

We have tried goats milk, and she rejected that. I have been using lact aid whole milk to make her rice and oatmeal cereal, but if it is too milky, she gags and spits it out. Usually I mix it with enough milk to hydrate it and then add a fruit or veggie puree to make it smooth. I tried Murgdan’s suggestion of adding a little chocolate syrup to milk (with the idea of tapering down to plain milk if she would drink it), and I was so excited that she took a couple of sips from the sippy cup without gagging or throwing up. The next day she refused it completely. We will keep trying.

We go back to her doctor tomorrow. Her regular doctor should be back from his leave of absence. We will see how much she has gained according to their scale. She has been doing so well that I thought maybe I should cancel the appointment next week with the feeding clinic, but it took so much to get this appointment that I think we should go anyway. Even if she is gaining back some weight, she still isn’t drinking milk (other than breast milk), and if that continues (like it seems to be) I want to know how to give her a balanced diet without milk.

She is so active and trying to climb things and is into EVERYTHING. She wears me out! Part of the problem is that we haven’t babyproofed enough. We are going to be moving to a new house in the spring, so it doesn’t really make sense to totally babyproof the kitchen cabinets and put a bunch of holes in the walls that we will have to patch up. I’m ashamed to admit that we don’t have baby gates yet. We bought a super yard and the extension kit, so we have a decent sized enclosed play area where our dining room table used to be.

We also have a fairly safe barricaded area in our living room with pillows and cushions and couches to cruise along. It has worked well so far because the cats can still get to their litter box and to their food. Our one cat can jump the gate just fine, but the other one is pretty dumb and hasn’t figured it out yet. If we open up both areas and manage to make it fairly safe and just have gates up in the doorways, there will be three doorway/openings that will need gates. Do any of you that have cats have any suggestions for gates? I bought two basic pressure mounted ones but they are so flimsy and they don’t seem secure. I want to get a few hardware mounted gates with swinging doors, but S doesn’t want metal bars (he is afraid the cats will get themselves stuck in them), and he doesn’t want to put holes in the walls.



  1. I’m not sure on price, but if you check some dog gear catalogs (like Drs. Foster and Smith), they sell gates that have little doorway cut outs for cats. I’m not sure the logistics of this as Birdie might fit through the cat cutout, but it’s worth a peek.

    As for gates in general, the ones that mount to the wall end up being the best even though it means holes in the wall. The upside is that you’ll likely use them for a long time – you’ll probably use gates until Birdie is 3ish, so it’s a useful hole in the wall. 🙂

  2. We have not gated yet, Peter is not interested in leaving the living room. We haven’t babyproofed yet either. We did some stuff like buy a leatherish coffee table so he could pull himself up on it, but that’s it.

  3. She can have a wonderfully balanced diet with no cow’s milk, I promise. 🙂 I never gave my kids milk as a beverage, they get their calcium from other sources.

  4. We tried the pressure mounted ones, but Colby eventually learned how to throw himself at it and knock it at least part of the way over. We had to cave and get mounted gates. Sure we have a few holes, but it’s a million times better. We have a gate at the top of the stairs that is a big plastic sheet instead of bars. It is the best thing– Colby can’t put anything through it (his favorite past time on the downstairs gate) and I don’t have to worry about him getting stuck himself (he’s stuck is thigh a few times downstairs too).

  5. I’d definitely keep that feeding appointment with as long as you’ve waited and considering how things can change from day to day.

    The mounted gates are the way to go, much easier and safer in the long run. Since you’re moving soon I understand not wanting to put one up, but if you have a staircase to block I’d probably still go ahead and drill the holes. We have a metal gate and it looks great. The bars are really narrow and the little cat fits through just fine but the bigger cat get’s caught at the hips (and she’s only 10lbs), luckily the stair banister’s bars are wider and they both easily slip though those otherwise I’m not sure how we’d do it.

    But other than the top of the staircase we haven’t tried to block any thing else. He’s not that fast yet so we can stop him pretty easily. We have just tried to make the main area safe and close the doors to rooms he shouldn’t go in.

  6. Just catching up on the latest with you…sorry about your nightmarish trip and all the ear infections! Glad she is eating more and her weight is on the rise. I feel like it’s one of those things they probably monitored a lot less about when we were growing up…sometimes I think we are hyper-vigilant compared to how our parents raised us. I worry about every little thing with H….

    I haven’t babyproofed a lot either, because we’ve also been trying to sell our house. I also don’t really understand the concept of babyproofing everything. Does that mean you can leave your kid unattended? We have a “safe” room now that he can be left alone in, but I only really leave him to go to the bathroom or run and get something. Maybe that’s not normal, though….

  7. so glad little birdie is gaining weight. totally keep that appointment, though. it can only help, right?

    we have a few of the gates that are pressure mounted and a few that are bolted to the wall. in the high traffic areas we have the ones that are more secure. two babies like to work together to get the gate a rockin’ 🙂

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