Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | November 29, 2010

getting back to normal

It has been a rough couple of weeks. Birdie had another ear infection after the trip home, I caught a cold, and S had another business trip to go on during that time so I was alone. One good thing about having traveled alone with Birdie is that being home alone for several days without help seems a lot easier now.

I think we are finally all getting better and things are getting back to normal. Birdie is sleeping better than she has over the past two months. We actually had a couple nights in there where we had to wake her up around 4am to nurse! She seems to be eating a bit more solids and perhaps that is helping her from getting so hungry at night.

I wanted to check her weight before Thanksgiving, as it had been about ten days since her scary lost-10-ounces-in-3-weeks doctor visit, but when S called to see if we could just come in to weigh her, he was told we had to make an appointment with a doctor. Our doctor has been out for about 6 weeks due to a family member’s illness so we had to see a fourth doctor at the practice, and she was a complete bitch. I tried to explain our somewhat complicated story briefly (because I knew they were busy) but in a way that communicated the things we have tried, and she said to me “Well I am fairly confident that we won’t solve this problem today, so I don’t need to hear any more.”

The she criticized me for letting Birdie have water in a sippy cup, saying that was “filling her up” and that I should just let her go thirsty and she would eventually drink milk. I am so sick of having to explain the whole story over and over to people who don’t listen. SHE GAGS AND VOMITS AT ALL MILK AND FORMULA. Want to watch it for yourself? Yes we have tried all kinds of different formula, whole milk, rice milk, soy milk, lactaid. Yes we have tried nearly every single bottle, nipple, flow speed and sipppy cup.She is not going to cave and drink a bottle if we withhold food or water. She WILL get dehydrated and extremely constipated if we keep feeding her solids and don’t let her have any water.

The good thing is that she is back up close to what she weighed a month ago. I have been trying to get her to eat more solid food and we are working on chunkier textures and finger foods. She is really liking yo baby yogurt now, after refusing it the first ten or so times. She is not fond of cheese – not shredded, not in little chunks, not in a quesadilla, not in a grilled cheese. Is this girl related to me? Who doesn’t like cheese?

She loves cheerios and puffs, graham crackers and baby mum mums. I think she likes using her four teeth to crunch on things. I have tried waffles and french toast, and she will take a bite and then casually drop it over the edge of the high chair. I don’t want feeding time to become a power struggle, so I let her make a huge mess. We have picnics on a blanket in the living room too, with different foods in a nibble tray, with mostly familiar foods and one new thing. She likes soft pieces of pear dusted with crushed graham cracker (to make them easier to pick up and less slippery), but she’s not really into other pieces of fruits or vegetables yet. It’s a good thing that I don’t have a job, because feeding her and keeping track of everything and coming up with new ideas and preparing foods that she will pretty much all refuse IS a full time job.

I got frustrated with the copays and driving across town for doctor’s appointments and waiting an hour each time, so I rented a baby scale from a lactation consultant for a month. I picked it up on Friday and it has been really interesting to be able to do pre and post nursing weights in the comfort of our own home. She is a little big for the scale, since it is mostly used for newborns, but it goes up to 25 pounds and she’s only around 19lbs at this point. It is hard to get her whole body in the tray and to keep her from moving around enough for the scale to lock in the weight! The feedings have varied between 1 oz and 3.4 oz, so it’s not great, but it does give me more information and allows me to keep track of everything in detail. I don’t weight her after a feed if she falls asleep (nursing is the only way to get her to sleep!), so I haven’t been able to figure out a 24 hour consumption amount, but if I know a typical average amount, that can help me gauge how things are going.

We are still waiting for the referral to the feeding clinic. Hopefully that will be a huge help and will get her back up to a good weight and gaining consistently.

Now for the good stuff! She turned 11 months old last week. 11 months! I cannot believe that almost a year has gone by. I need to really start planning her birthday party. We are going to be traveling to visit my family again for Christmas and her birthday. We will be having her party at a relatives house, so I need to think of some simple but adorable party ideas that will be easy to coordinate while staying at a hotel. What did you guys do/what will you do for the first birthday party?

Birdie’s first word is cat. We figured that out a few days ago. She would see one of the cats and get really excited and yell “CAA. CAAA? CAA!”  She says mamamama and dadadadada all the time, but not really to either of us in particular. She learned to clap on our trip to California and a week later would clap if you just asked her to (but didn’t clap yourself for example). For some reason, that was so amazing to me, since it meant she clearly understood what we were asking her to do. We have been doing signs with her for months but she hasn’t done any back to us. She has started cruising along the furniture a little bit here and there, and is getting more steady and once in a while will stop holding on.

She laughs at everything. She is so happy and active and fun. She is starting to get a little cuddly. She has never been a very snuggly baby, but she will now put her head down on your chest or shoulder and burrow in. She loves going places and seeing people and trying to get people to smile at her.  Two years ago we were on the cusp of a miscarriage. Now we have this amazing little girl. I cannot believe how lucky we are.



  1. So sweet.

    Not for giving assvice…but just in case you haven’t heard it before…my niece also would have NOTHING to do with milk (other than breast) in any form. They too had tried all kinds. My sister said the pediatrician told her to start out putting chocolate syrup in the milk (sounds awful, I know), but then to slowly wean down the amount until it was plain milk. She said it took almost TWO months to get the chocolate out, but that she finally was able to get her to drink milk.

    But I say you are doing what works and GOOD JOB and you sure have a beauty on your hands…sorry the docs are being such a pain in the butt!

  2. Hurrah! Cat! I sign with Peter and it hasn’t done diddly squat. I don’t know if I told you this before but my stepmoms son could not handle breastmilk, milk, or any type of formula and he ended up on goat milk. I don’t if that will work for Birdie, but I thought I would tell you.

    I have no clue how I would get stuff done if I worked outside the home either. Cripes. I made turkey for Peter last night and he liked it. I took organic ground turkey, a little parsley, a smidge of pepper and powdered onion, and grated an organic fuji apple( no skin) and then poached the meatballs in stock. Then I pureed them in the stock. It looked pretty gross, but it tasted like turkey and one pack made 12 servings.

  3. have you tried canned pumpkin? our little one is quite picky about food but *loves* it. i usually put a little milk or water to thin it a bit and sometimes add some barley/oat cereal for the iron (and calories). and i sometimes add some thawed frozen chopped spinach when i realize he’s eating more orange vegetables than green ones.

  4. She’s adorable!! Sorry the new pediatrician was a jerk bag! A couple people on my dh’s side didn’t tolerate milk when they were babies too. I’m guessing this has to be more common than not, you know?

    oooooh!!! It’s going to get fun with Birdie communicating more and more 🙂 One day E just starting saying ELMO. ALL THE TIME. when she’d be put down for a nap she’d cry “ELMOOOOO” like she wanted him to save her. Anyway, she started off with a word or two and then bam she’d be saying all this stuff I didn’t know she knew how to say. I can’t wait to hear what Birdie says next!!

  5. sorry for the nasty doctor experience, i hope you can find someone you like better. my step-daughter also does not care for cheese, that’s how i know we are not biologically related, i come from a family of cheese lovers, as a matter of fact, i don’t think i had ever met anyone in my whole life who didn’t like cheese before riley became a part of my life!
    i can’t wait until louise gets a little more snuggly, i can’t wait until she hugs me back!

  6. She looks like a happy, healthy girl to me! You are working so hard and doing a great job! I hope the feeding clinic has more good advice and can reassure you that you’re doing all you can and should. It’s amazing she’s almost a year!

  7. Sounds like you’re doing well on the eating/drinking on your own. I’d be emphasizing high-cal foods if she’ll eat them (avocado, banana, squash). Does she vomit cereal mixed with milk? I wish you weren’t having to deal with this stress! She’s a beautiful girl!

  8. so so cute 🙂 sounds like you are MUCH more creative with food than i was/am. i am always looking for new food ideas for the kiddos. i’m now “that” mom who gives her kids cut up turkey dogs, because they won’t eat any protein besides cheese (and they easily eat enough for Birdie, too, lol). they love peas and carrots, too. we just buy the frozen ones and they go to town. BUT we’re still doing lots of pureed food, too. glad you got the scale. that way you can avoid that dumb doc for awhile! 🙂


  9. She’s such a happy little girl!

    I’m glad that things are getting back to normal. I hope that the feeding situation is getting easier. Feeding is frustrating here and I don’t even have to worry about being on the low side of the curves. I bet she is just going to be a small girl, which isn’t all bad. My peditrician always comments on how M is bigger than his 2 year old girl.

    I read a thing somewhere where someone had a problem similar to your and the writer ended up finding out that her baby (a girl) had a urinary tract infection and got it cleared and it fixed the problem. I have a hard time believing that a UTI could cause a baby to not eat for months, but who knows, maybe?

  10. They say with vomit that you don’t make a big deal about it, you just clean them up and put them back down.

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