Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | November 17, 2010

if i can make it through that…

I can make it through anything.

No time for a long post about our two week cross country travel adventures, so here are some highlights:

– two days before we flew to California, Birdie got an ear infection and started antibiotics

– 5 mega poops in the airports/airplanes on the way out (only one total blowout though)

– two weeks of Birdie wrangling in my mom’s non baby proofed house. it’s in the process of being remodeled, so not only is it not babyproofed it is extra dangerous, with no outlet covers, no baseboards or door trim, and random nails and screws and weird spacer things found in strange places.

– one complete meltdown on my part when I was trying to pack us up again to stay overnight at another family member’s house.

-helpful family member washed all my and Birdie’s clothes in hot water, thus most of my clothes in regular rotation are now too tight and waaaaaaaay too short.

-my sister moved out while I was there, so the bed i was sleeping in went away as well. I had to go out and buy an air mattress, sheets and blankets, because my mom didn’t have any extra. way to be a good hostess mom!

– managed to disappoint several friends/family members with my lack of availability to hang out due to Birdie’s early bedtime. fuck off people, i have a baby. bedtime routine starts around 7pm. No i can’t meet up for dinner around 8 in another town!

– after two weeks of doing everything by myself and very much looking forward to being home, we missed our connecting flight due to snow delays and ended up spending a night in a hotel in our connecting city. was perilously close to running out of diapers and baby food. again, close to a nervous breakdown

– got 4 hours of sleep the night before our flight home, then only got 3 hours in the hotel the night of the delay.

– got home, was so tired i was shaking, put Birdie in the high chair to feed her before putting her and i down for a nap and we had a freak accident involving a cat and a scratch under her eye. kitty tried to jump over her in the high chair from the counter to the table and landed on her high chair tray and fell to the floor and somehow Birdie ended up with a bleeding cut on her face.

-called the doctor, was told to wash it with soap and water. you try putting soap near a screaming, flailing baby’s eye.

– birdie failed to sleep much the two days and nights after we finally got home. has a fever this morning. took her to the doctor to find another ear infection, she has lost 10 ounces in a month and the same doctor who dismissed my fears about her refusing formula is now tossing around the term “failure to thrive” and referring us to specialists.

On the positive side, we had a great time visiting a bunch of people. My mom and sister spent lots of time with Birdie and totally bonded with her. She adores them. I ate way too much good food. We enjoyed beautiful warm weather. We did lots of adventures every day. She got to go to a farm, laughed at the goats, walked the vineyards, took a train ride, crawled around the parks that I grew up playing at, and got really good at pulling up along the furniture. It was a great two weeks, but it was absolutely exhausting. I really hope that traveling gets easier as she gets older, because I don’t know if I can do this again!



  1. “Fuck of people,” is a bit harsh for friends who just wanted the pleasure of your company. Annoying, and all yes- but that’s very harsh towards people who care for you.

  2. Actually I don’t think it’s too harsh. I could write a whole post about this. The child free friends in question were quite self absorbed and not very considerate of the fact that I was traveling with a baby by myself, and that the baby’s needs come first. “Can’t you just leave her with someone?” was asked. I was quite irritated and hurt that this person was so rude, and it makes me reevaluate our friendship. They did not seem to be interested in meeting or spending any time getting to know Birdie.

  3. oh god, we are traveling again next month. it was pretty hard when we did it back in july or august and now louise can walk, i am definitely having anxiety.
    people who do not have children do not understand, period.

  4. You scare me – we’re travelling next month when K’s 9 months old. Sorry your visit was so stressful and that Birdie’s sick again.

  5. yuck! you sound like a pro traveling across the country now, though. i will definitely be asking you questions in a few months as we are toying with the idea of a trip to arizona for business.

    failure to thrive? arg. at least you’ll be seeing a specialist who may have some better, and less dismissive, ideas for you!!

    and i think a lot of people don’t “get” schedules for babies. and i think they don’t get them b/c so many people just take their kids out and do whatever, no bedtime, hand them off to everyone, and work them into their own schedule instead of putting the babies needs and schedule first!

  6. We had a ton of problems with people coming over and staying till past ten at night. The baby needs a bath people, I can’t play hostess and put him to bed. My main problem is with relatives telling me to “fix him” when he is crying. He is a baby, he is going to cry. I’m sorry you aren’t getting the photo op you wanted. I don’t find it too harsh either. Lots of people treat babies like a really cool accessory and expect them to smilingy go along with whatever adults have planned.

  7. p.s. i’m going to have to agree with celia, what you said is not too harsh and i find it hard to believe that anyone who has kids and has been pushed and pulled in a million directions would think that it is too harsh.
    also, i forgot to mention the failure to thrive part, it sounds really scary but in this day and age i think most babies recover from it and i also think the specialist will be much more helpful than your current doc.

  8. argh, I couldn’t have made it. You are strong and brave! I would’ve definitely had several freak-outs! I’m so glad you’re home and Birdie’s doc is finally taking you seriously and getting her to a specialist!

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