Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | October 25, 2010

10 months old

Not much has changed with the bottle/formula situation. She still won’t take any formula. I took her back to the doctor a week later because she has had a cold and I was worried that maybe it was an ear infection. No ear infection, but they did weigh her and she had gained 3 ounces in a week. The doctor we saw (hers was out of town) said he would stop trying formula for now, keep nursing frequently and focus on solids and recheck her weight in 3 weeks. I am relieved that she isn’t losing weight. That was worth the copay and the 45 minute drive.

I stopped taking Reglan to try to increase my supply. It was making me crazy. I have been taking some fenugreek, but I can’t really tell if I have any more milk. I have tried pumping a few times but I never get more than 1/2 to 1 ounce, and it just never seems worth it. It seems to work best to just try to nurse her frequently. She hasn’t been sleeping well at night like she had been before the bottle refusal. I think that extra bottle of formula at night used to help her sleep an extra long time. She is waking up at least twice a night, sometimes three times to nurse. Whatever, I’m just glad she isn’t losing weight.

Birdie turned 10 months old on Saturday! I cannot believe it. She is pulling herself up to stand on the furniture now. S went in to get her at one of the night wakings last night and he found her standing in her crib for the first time. She is doing pretty well eating more solid foods. She likes to eat Gerber puffs and wagon wheels and baby mum mum rice rusks. She is eating a lot of baby food, three times a day. She likes the swing at the park down the street. She loves the cats and waves at them.

I must be crazy because I am taking her to visit family by myself for two weeks. It will be an adventure, staying at a non babyproofed house when all she wants to do is crawl and stand and is drawn to explore dangerous things. I will be without S (who is a big help) and without all of our tools (jumperoo, exersaucer, baby gates, play mats, various books and toys). I know it will be fun for Birdie to see her grandma and aunts and uncles and cousins, but boy it is going to be exhausting! Wish me luck.



  1. OH my goodness she is way TOO CUTE!!!

  2. Good luck!

    And she is soooo adorable!

  3. she is getting so big! i’m glad she’s gaining weight, sounds like she’s getting plenty of nutrition from food.
    i am taking another trip without my husband in december and i’m pretty nervous about it. louise has been crawling for a while and can now stand up without holding onto anything, so by the time we go on the trip i’m sure she’ll be walking and all she’ll want to do is run up and down the aisle in the plane, ahhhhhhh!!! it was hard enough before she could crawl!!

  4. my kids nursed several times a night until they were 11 months. mostly because i didn’t want to refuse them. i was always so worried about them gaining weight!!

    are you flying to visit family? you need some kind of help: toys, books, something. being in a non babyproofed house is soooo difficult when you’re by yourself!

    birdie looks super cute! i can’t believe how big she is! how much does she weigh now?

  5. She is so cute!

  6. She is getting so big. Amazing how fast they grow huh. Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are adorable πŸ™‚

    Hope your trip goes well. Just remember to breath πŸ™‚ lol

    Take care. Talk soon.

  7. Seh’s just too adorable! You’re so brave to visit the family. I bet they’ll help keep her safe! They’ll be so happy to see her, she probably won’t get to put her feet (or knees) on the floor too often! πŸ™‚

  8. Ha! I am so late replying to this but I never have two hands free. Birdie is lovely! I am sure when you go visit that everyone will be holding her so much that it will barely matter that it is not babyproofed.

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