Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | October 6, 2010

sleep regression?

Oh my goodness. Things had been going so well. Birdie had been so happy and becoming easier and easier. Food was going great. Our nursing/formula combo had been going well too. She was going to sleep easily for both S and I, and sleeping 11-12 hours with waking up once to nurse. She is always happy to be out and smiling at people. Swimming was going great too.

The last three nights have been HELL. What used to be a 30 minute bedtime routine of bath, books, nursing, and then a little bottle to top her off has stretched into a miserable 3 hours of crying and whining and pushing us and the bottle away, throwing binkys out of disgust, finally drifting off and then waking instantly upon being put down in the crib, crawling and sitting up in her half asleep state. Then when she finally does stay down, we cross our fingers and tiptoe out of her room, and then a couple hours later the whole thing starts again.

And I don’t know why. It could be teething. She has two teeth on the bottom and the top two have been bulging for the last few weeks but haven’t broken through. We gave her pain relievers the last few night and it hasn’t seemed to help. Maybe her reflux medicine dose needs to be adjusted. She is on the same dose that she started out on at 2 months old. It could be that she learned how to crawl. Over the past week she has catapulted from the occasional creep and stretch to all out crawling to wherever the cat’s tail is in reach (or some other dangerous thing). Maybe she has an ear infection? I’m taking her to get checked out this afternoon.

Ugh. Please tell me this is just temporary. Hours of rocking and singing and shushing and nursing did not work. I didn’t think I had it in me to do cry it out, but shit, she’s crying anyway and we haven’t been able to help her. What do we do?

Oh great, she has just woken up from a 20 minute nap. The poor baby is so tired. I’m sure she wants to sleep too.



  1. omg, that sounds awful, and i’ve been feeling sorry for myself because louise woke up in the night twice in the last week! we don’t have to go through all that to get her back down though. i hope the doctor has some insight for you, has she been pulling at her ear at all?

    p.s. every time i leave you a comment i end up hitting the logout button instead of the submit comment button, i just did it twice in a row!!

  2. I will preface this by saying I’m no expert, but I do have almost 20 years of babysitting/nannying experience behind me…

    Sleep gets disturbed when babies are about to master a new skill – it’s as if they can’t muster every skill at once so sleep regresses in favor of new skills. So it could be related to her new crawling skills.

    Sleep is also a mess when teeth come in, and if you can see the top teeth bulging, the pain is probably pretty significant. Have you tried the Hylands Teething Tablets? Combined with Tylenol they seem to help some.

    And finally, Birdie is old enough to know how to “manipulate” the situation – she knows how to make you stay, make you rock longer etc. Not everyone can handle the cry it out method, but if you think you have it in you, doing the whole routine and then just putting her in the crib may just work. It will probably be a bad couple of nights but afterward you should see results…

    We just went through a weird stretch with J that was similar – she had been great and then started waking. For the most part she had to fuss it out and now (knock on wood) she seems to be back on track.

    Hang in there, she’ll get it together again!

    (New blog, had to make a family-friendly blog… Less substance, more pictures…)

  3. I agree with the above response!!! My DD did the same thing when she learned to stand up (7 months) and walk (9 months). Little Birdie will get back to sleeping well but it’ll be messed up for a while πŸ™‚

    Congratulations!! Your little girl is getting bigger πŸ™‚

  4. I bet it’s the teething. Birdie cut her bottoms the same time as Michael and the tops usually follow 2 months later and Michael’s finally started slicing through TODAY. Fun times. I really bet things will get better in a couple of days.

  5. Hylands is amazing. HYLANDS SOOTHES THE SAVAGE BABY. You need them.

  6. so many different things can mess up sleep. sounds like she was doing really well before…my guess is that she will be again, too. πŸ™‚

  7. Hey — I totally feel for you. And I can absolutely understand your reluctance to let her cry it out, because I felt the exact same way. But when H turned six months and pulled almost the same routine you’re describing, I realized that a) he was actually crying more than he would if we just did the cry it out routine and he fell asleep for the night and b) he was absolutely miserable. I read the Dr. Weissbluth book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child…he is a nice happy medium between the “no cry” people and the Ferber people. The book convinced me that training him to fall asleep on his own was going to safely help him and his brain development much more than resisting the crying it out. That it would be harder for me than it was for him. The first night I think he cried an hour, then 45 minutes the next and then 15 minutes the next. Now he goes down with absolutely no struggle at all. He still gets up once a night from time to time but it is much easier to cope with.

    Again, I totally understand and respect your point of view regarding crying it out — just wanted to offer my point of view on it (which has evolved) in case you reach a point when you want to try it.

  8. aargh, I hope it has gotten better for both of you! How are you all doing?

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