Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | August 20, 2010

crib success!

I am a little ashamed to admit that at 7 months, Birdie was still napping only in her swing. She napped great in the swing though. 1.5 to 2 hours twice a day. I wasn’t about to mess with that. Selfishly, I needed those naps, so that I could nap or rest or try to get a few things done. The few times I had tried to put her down in the crib, she slept for only 20 minutes. I was starting to worry that maybe I had really messed her up, that she would never nap in the crib, and I wondered what we would do when she hit the 25 pound weight limit of the swing (which is a ways off, as she is about 17lbs).

Then about 2 weeks ago, she started sleeping shorter periods in the swing. She would wake up after about 30 minutes. She wouldn’t fall right to sleep in it like she used to. I figured that it might be a good time to try the crib again. Sure enough, over the last two weeks, I started having her nap once a day in the crib, then a week ago, I started both naps in the crib, and it is going very well. She is napping at least an hour, sometimes an hour and a half, twice a day now.

Maybe it is because she is getting more solid food. Maybe it is because she is getting more formula (sadly) and more food in general. Maybe it is just because she was ready. I tend to think that is what it is.Β  I am just so relieved that she is sleeping in the crib now! Maybe I haven’t completely ruined her.

The thing is, she falls asleep nursing or with a bottle and me rocking her and then I lay her down in the crib. She has one tooth that has barely come through, and I know you aren’t supposed to let them fall asleep with a bottle because it can ruin their teeth. But how do I get her to fall asleep without nursing or a bottle? I figure we can only deal with one thing at a time, and I have been focusing on the crib. How do you transition from nursing to sleep to not? Is it really going to ruin her teeth if we don’t stop right away?



  1. Dude, IDK. We are still co-sleeping hardcore. But, I have heard of people putting their babies in with water in the bottles- then she could suck without jacking up her teeth.

  2. my DD didn’t sleep in her crib until she was 8 months and she transitioned from co-sleeping. She started napping 2x a day on a perfect schedule. it was insane. I say take the cues from her and do what works πŸ™‚ My daughter always had a pacifier too though.

  3. Good job on the crib success! Daytime naps in the crib are still hard for us… he wants me to hold him the entire nap.

    I don’t know on the teeth thing either. But my feeling is that this is one where the formula vs. breastmilk matters. Because of breastmilk’s antibacterial properties, I think it’s probably fine but formula is a little different. I think the a no-no is leaving a bottle in their crib (except water). But the BIG no-no is leaving a bottle of juice or cow’s milk with them. I’m having a hard time with the concept of oral hygiene with infants… it seems a little over hyped. Not that I haven’t seen some toddlers with rotten teeth, but most of them were going to bed with bottles of juice and chocolate milk (and drinking soda too).

    We totally got a surprise tonight, that second tooth popped up all of a sudden. Couldn’t even feel that one coming. I’m sure Birdie’s will be here in no time. But for me it’s adding to the guilt that I should be doing more. I’m trying to resist the guilt for at least a little while.

  4. If you figure it out, let me know! πŸ™‚ Colby is 13 months old and still falls asleep with a bottle… I know I shouldn’t let it happen, but it’s SUCH a peaceful routine and I love the time we have together. To make myself feel better… I brush his teeth after every meal and at bed time and I try to sneak in water from a bottle for a second even after he’s already alseep because he keeps sucking. I figure it will at least wash some of the problem causing agents away… ? I totally have to work on this too!

  5. Father goes into Baby Crib….

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  6. GV is only two months old but we’ve followed a eat/wake/sleep cycle. So if he falls asleep nursing, I wake him up. Then when we’re done nursing we do fun things or independent play. Once I see sleep cues (yawning, rubbing eyes, starting to get fussy) I hold him till I see the eyes start to drop and then lay him down before he’s asleep. He might fuss for a bit but usually he falls asleep w/i 15 minutes. If he starts crying all out then I pick him back up and again wait till the eyes start to drop. I keep going until he finally falls asleep. It might take a couple of days but after awhile they get the picture. The only time we don’t have wake time after a feed is the 11pm and MOTN feeds.

    Hope this helps!

  7. girl…i think that sleep and eating is different for every parent-child duo. you guys will get it worked out eventually πŸ™‚

    but excellent work with the crib naps! that’s a huge step, right???

  8. During the day we (loosely) follow the Eat-Play-Sleep schedule that one of the above comments mentioned. When J wakes, she eats. The we play until she crumbles and then she goes down for a nap.

    You could try burping her after she nurses/bottles so that she wakes a little, and then lay her down so that she is not wide awake but not sound asleep either. This will help her to start learning to put herself to sleep…

    We aren’t on total crib naps yet… J still needs the Miracle Blanket to sleep in the crib and frankly I feel bad if she’s in it all night and then for naps. I don’t want her to spend her entire life in that thing! So we do a lot of swing naps still… I’m pretty sure J will need to be swaddled forever!

  9. Hey – glad to hear you’re doing well! I totally get the “family” thing from your latest post — I’ve felt exactly the same way.

    As far as the falling asleep on the bottle/teeth concern, I actually *just* found out about this this week (was not aware it was a problem if you were feeding them, thought only an issue if you put bottle in with them in the crib). My new solution: I bought these things called Tooth Tissues which were developed by dentists to clean infants’ teeth. When Henry is finished with his bottle, I take one of the tissues and gently wipe down his teeth and gums. At this point he’s pretty “mushy” and out of it so he lets me and it doesn’t wake him up too much. Then I put him in his crib. Works so far!

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