Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | July 30, 2010

Photo Friday: Play

The theme this week for Calliope’s photo Friday is play.

We got Birdie a jumperoo about 3 weeks ago. She loves playing with the toys on the jumperoo, and she loves to kick outside of the jumperoo, but she has not figured out how to jump IN the jumperoo. She’s very tall for her age but is barely heavy enough to reach the ground on the lowest setting. I wonder how long it will take before she is bounce bounce bouncing.



  1. M wasn’t tall enough when we first got it either. We found a Scene It game box just right (with non-slip drawer lining beneath it). But after about a week I think the springs broke in enough and he was on his toes and bouncing! And now that we’ve had it for ~month, we had to move it up to the 2nd position. Of course, M is no cream puff either, his weight has definitely gone up too. I hope she gets to bouncing in it soon!

  2. Petey LOVES his jumperoo. He loves to stand, and has a very fine time smacking the toys and bouncing. He is maybe 26 inches long and fifteen pounds. Maybe Pete can bounce in his since we got it on craigslist used? After dropping 130 on a swing he uses once a day, we did not want to spend the same on a toy he might not like. We paid forty dollars for it, and he LOVES it.

  3. So cute! Love her little fingers. We don’t have one of those. Sunshine has barely used her fancy shmancy swing. A friend wants to give us her exersaucer, but I have told her to wait until we’re in our new apt. (Hopefully a month or so.)

  4. Baby J just got a Jumperoo – she’s a little young for it (3 months) but it was a gift. She is short, I’m guessing her feet won’t touch the ground until she is 11. But with a pillow underneath, she could, in theory, jump, if she figured out how. Try a pillow or phonebooks and Birdie will be bouncing away!

  5. louise just recently started bouncing in hers but we’ve had it for a while, at least a month i’d say.

  6. we have a small one for our son– his little toes skim the bouncing surface right now, also. Can’t wait to see him really bouncing!

  7. Nice angle/perspective.

  8. Great picture. I love the stretching and the open mouth 🙂

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