Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | June 25, 2010

lactation consultant

Earlier this week, I went and met with a lactation consultant. I wanted to be sure that I was doing everything I could to keep breastfeeding, especially now that we are supplementing fairly regularly with formula. Birdie was nursing for maybe 5 minutes a side before getting distracted. I wanted to find out if she is getting a decent amount from me, and I wanted someone to look at her latch now that she is off the nipple shields.

The woman was very nice, and as I kept describing all of our challenges, her eyes got wider and wider. At one p0int she told me that I am a breastfeeding hero, that any one of our issues might make someone quit altogether. She weighed Birdie before and after feeding, and it turns out that even in those short distracted breastfeeds, she is getting about 2 ounces on the left and 1.5 on the right. She said the latch looks great. For the nipple pain, she recommended all purpose nipple cream (I’m already using that) and vinegar and baking soda rinses on my nipples in case there is still some thrush.

She reassured me that we aren’t too far off from meeting Birdie’s needs with breastmilk and that I could continue herbs or meds to increase supply if I want (and extra pumping), but that it sounds like I will continue to have blocked duct issues as long as I try to increase my supply. She suggested that I maybe reconsider my idea of success. If we have to supplement with one or two bottles a day (typically half of that is usually expressed breast milk and half is formula), but that lets me have a decrease in pain from blocked ducts and nipple pain, maybe that is worth it. She thinks my supply won’t drop too terribly low as long as I continue to nurse her frequently enough. Oh, I’m also now having nipple  blanching after feeds, which burns and hurts every so often. She said that as Birdie eats more solids, we might be able to reduce the formula supplements.

She didn’t have too many new suggestions for me, and she felt kind of bad that there wasn’t more she could offer. I joked with her that maybe I should consider becoming a lactation consultant since I’ve dealt with so many breastfeeding problems. It was really good to get reassurance that I’ve done all that I can, and that I have made it this far. I feel more at peace with it. She also suggested that I try going to their breastfeeding support group, which I intend to do.

I ended up buying a new nursing bra (Bravado body silk seamless) and I bought a moby wrap. I was looking at the ergo carrier, but it’s so expensive and the moby wrap seemed more versatile and much cheaper. I feel kind of silly buying something now when she is 6 months old, but she’s only 14 pounds so she’s not going to get terribly heavy for a while, and I would really like to be able to carry her more. Do any of you guys have the moby? How do you like it? The girl at the store had me try it with Birdie and she seemed to like to face outward, and it was pretty comfortable for me.



  1. I know the Ergo is expensive, but you will get so much use out of it. I use ours every day, several times a day. For naps, errands, etc. I did use the Moby when DD was younger, but for me I found it too hard to wrap each time. It took too long, I prefer the clicking the buckles and adjusting the straps of the Ergo. However, I know some moms that use the Moby for years. Either way, baby wearing is awesome! Also, a nursing support group would be great. 🙂

  2. I’m planning on getting rid of my moby. M didn’t like it and it’s hard to wrap and lots of layers that would be too much for warm weather. However, Ambrosia did like being carried around in it… that cat thinks she is the baby.

    You know I take flaxseed and like it, but I read something somewhere about it helped to prevent blocked ducts… I don’t know that this is true because I got a lot of them early on but only 1 since I’ve been back to work. It might also make a difference in what kind of bra you wear… I have always heard to avoid underwires. I wear nursing tanks 24-7… they are comfy and let me NIP discreetly (that’s how I nursed at SIL’s house the other day, just wear a regular top over, it works really well and keeps everything covered excellently). The time I got the blocked duct since starting back to work I tried to sleep tankless and I’ve always thought that it getting cold or not being supported caused the problem.

  3. where did you get the moby that they let you try it first?

  4. oh, and i’m glad you got some news about breastfeeding that made you feel better, you ARE a breastfeeding hero.

  5. I know exactly what you mean — hearing from an expert that you’re doing what you can gives you permission to stop thinking about it. You totally ARE a b’feeding hero, btw. No experience with the Moby but H loves the Baby Bjorn face out so I’d imagine it’s the same effect. I, too, have wanted to try the Ergo but refuse to spend that much.

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