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Thank you guys so much for the comments. We decided to try supplementing with one bottle of formula in the afternoon/early evening the last couple of days. That allowed me to have time to build up more milk by bedtime and it has worked wonderfully. Last night she slept through the night! She slept from 9pm to 6am. Of course I had to set an alarm and get up and pump at 2am, but still, that is great. So then instead of formula this evening, we gave her the milk I pumped last night. Maybe this won’t be an all or nothing thing. Maybe just a few bottles of formula will give me some breathing room and we won’t end up needing formula regularly. Maybe she will sleep better because she is fuller.

As for solids, I have given her rice cereal a few times and bananas a few times so far. She seems very interested in food – she opens her mouth, leans and reaches for it, and swallows it instead of pushing it out. But. BUT there are poop issues. I knew to expect a change in consistency and smell, but oh dear, we had the worst poop incident ever after a few days of bananas. In the car seat. On the way to the in laws house, I thought I smelled something. Hmm. We took her into their house and before we even got her out of the car seat, it was clear that this was going to be bad. Poop up to her armpits! Poop on the car seat! We didn’t even know where to start, it was so bad. She ended up getting a bath in the sink. S swore that we would never give her solid food again. She can breastfeed until she’s ten, he said.

It was BAD. I don’t know if maybe it took longer to digest and then she just let a bigger volume go, but oh my god, will we ever be able to leave the house again without fear of a similar blowout? Please tell me it will get better as her intestines get used to digesting solids!

What did/will you guys do in terms of which foods to start with? Birdie’s doctor said to start with vegetables so she doesn’t get used to sweet stuff, but then I’ve read that breastmilk is already sweet anyway and bf babies might be more likely to accept fruits first, and that veggies can be harder to digest. I love the guy (he’s my husband’s friend from college), but he doesn’t have kids (and won’t ever – he’s gay and he and his partner don’t want kids), so he doesn’t have practical hands on experience here. I know avocado is a good one to try. What order did you follow? S’s family has a lot of allergies so we need to be careful about spacing things out and trying one thing at a time.



  1. It must be the breastmilk to solids transition. We’re on exclusively formula before solids, and I think we’ve had one big poop ever and that’s it. It will get better. 🙂

    With regards to what foods and what order, we did veggie-fruit-veggie-fruit-etc. Like, we did sweet potatoes, then bananas, then squash, then blueberries, then carrots, then…. etc.

    We have a HUGE family history of allergies on hubby’s side. His immediate family (including himself) have like 50 allergies. So we are going slower (5 days between foods), but we are still trying EVERYTHING. We aren’t going with peanuts ever, probably, b/c of a deathly allergy with hubby, but for everything else (apples, yogurt, berries, etc) we’re going to try it just like normal (as though we had no history of allergies) but just watch her very very carefully. We are going with the “assume she has no allergies” route rather than the “assume she’s allergic to everything”. I dont want to stop her from eating something becasue hubby has an allergy to it, you know? I want her to try and see if SHE has an allergy to it.

    That’s just what we’re doing 🙂

    You can probably ask you doc, by the way, for a list of least allergenic foods to get you started with.

    For the record, we’ve done about 6 fruits and 6 veggies and no allergic reactions thus far.

    We are moving on to mixed baby food (like apples WITH bananas), and meat (chicken and pork are best to start with I’ve read).

  2. I was told a good first four are avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes and squash.
    Glad you’re doing ok!

  3. we’re going to do all veggies and then fruit like you said, i have a sweet/junkfood tooth and i am going to do whatever i can to try and avoid it in louise.

  4. I saw disposable car seat pads at BRU this past weekend. I don’t think it matters what order you go in for food. We are going to try rice and sweet potatoes, squash etc first.

  5. I’m so glad the BFing is going well! Isn’t it nice not to stress about it for a couple of days?!

    Maybe try a receiving blanket to cover some of the carseat? Also, even if you don’t want to cloth diaper, you could still put a cover over her disposable diaper when you travel to keep messes better contained. I would recommend the Thirsties covers, they are AWESOME! The “sized” covers (s,m,l) are pretty generously sized and you should be able to follow their sizing recommendations, but (I think) the duos run small so if Birdie is over 14lbs she would probably grow out of the 1’s quickly or maybe a little small for the 2’s.

    I have no idea on the solids stuff… I’m getting a little nervous about starting myself. I’ve read the same thing about breastmilk being sweet, but I’ve never tasted it and I don’t think cow’s milk is sweet, so I have a hard time with that one.

  6. Oh, my! Poop up to the armpits! That’s bad. I feel lucky. Sunshine’s poops have gotten thicker since she started solids and she hasn’t had any leaks. Since you’re using disposables, I really recommend Target’s store brand (Up and Up) diapers. They have better coverage than Pampers, and are half the price. There are times I have opened one and thought that a Pampers would not have contained the load.

    Re solids, I’ve heard it’s an old wives tale about not starting with fruit. I started with fruit, then added veggies. She was skeptical at first about peas, but now really likes them. Let’s see, she’s had (in this order) bananas, apples, peaches, peas, sweet potatoes, carrots and pears. I only recently started giving her rice cereal (mostly out of laziness, just never got around to it). I’ve been mixing the cereal about half and half with fruit. My girl likes her food! She goes at it with gusto!

  7. the poop was an issue for us also. not sure if you remember m going almost 14 days with no poop, then filling four diapers immediately after one another. it was totally gross. we still have blow outs, just not as often.

    we waited 7 days between new foods until just recently when we decreased that to 3 days. we did fruit-veg-fruit-veg etc. i remember starting with bananas, sweet potatoes, apples, squash, etc. they liked everything really…but still seem to like bananas and sweet potatoes the best 🙂

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