Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | April 23, 2010

4 months old

Dear Birdie,

You are 4 months old today! I cannot believe how quickly these 4 months have gone by. Soon you will be crawling then walking, then going off to college. It is so fun to watch you grow and change and become more aware of the world. You are such a happy, smiley baby. You love being naked, even when it’s cold in the house! You love taking baths. You are so happy during diaper and clothing changes. You even seem to like getting saline drops in your nose! You gasp, breathe in and get a big smile whenever you get them. The only thing you don’t like is being very hungry or tired. You love it when your dad sings you the ABC song. You like to blow bubbles, make funny faces and squeal so loud it scares the cats.

You are so good in the car now. I used to worry every time we took you somewhere, but now, for the most part you sit there and stare at yourself in the mirror and make soft noises. You are quite good at keeping the pacifier in your mouth now. You like to suck on your fingers, and sometimes your whole hand, but haven’t quite isolated the thumb yet. You are drooling so much these days that we go through 4 or 5 bibs a day in order to keep your clothes dry. You are in size  2 diapers now! You are wearing 6 month clothes, and even some 9 month outfits.

Every day I think to myself how lucky we are to have you in our lives. It was a long road to get here and we are so thankful. We love you very much!



  1. She is charming! I adore her eyes and smile!

  2. Happy 4 months! She’s such a cutie!

  3. Where does the time go huh? Crazy. That’s why you just absorb and enjoy every darn second you have with your little miracle 🙂 They grow up so fast and then we will wonder what we missed along the way.

    She is a cutie. Thanks for sharing.

  4. She’s too cute! Love the grin.

  5. what a huge smile 🙂

    (we are JUST getting to 6 month clothes!!!)


  6. She is darling!!! Can’t believe she’s already 4 months 🙂

  7. She’s beautiful! Congrats on 4 months!!

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