Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | April 15, 2010

two good nights in a row!

The past two nights, Birdie has slept from around 10pm to 3am and then again from 4am to 7:30 am. Her daytime naps have been crap, but hey, almost 8 hours total at night, I’ll take it! Of course I’m getting a bit less sleep than that because it takes me a while to fall asleep. I feel like I should feel more rested, but I still feel wrecked. I think I’m sleeping deeper now that I’m out of the nursery, and when I hear her on the monitor, I wake up very disoriented. Last night I had an awful dream that she kept turning blue unless you held her head just perfectly.

She has also learned to squeal and is practicing it over and over. It’s so funny to watch her learn to use her voice. She has laughed a little bit here and there, but not consistently, and only for me. Last night, S was changing her into her sleeper and she laughed for him several times. It was so nice to watch him see that for the first time.

I think the newborn phase was pretty scary for him. He has done really well in general. He is very hands on, changes tons of poopy diapers, gets up with me at night and helps change her and get us settled in for nursing, and is quick to try to soothe her or rock her in the car seat if she fusses while we are out in public. I feel very lucky, especially since he had ZERO experience with babies before she was born. As in had never even held a small baby. Ever. Babies freaked him out.

There are times though that he doesn’t have a sense for what to do. He hasn’t figured out that she can tell when you aren’t giving her your full attention and will fuss until you talk or interact with her. Sometimes he will be surfing the internet or playing a video game and he will tune her out and ignore her so then I have to step in. He hasn’t figured out that when she fusses, you have to try different things like walking around, changing position, bouncing her, distracting her. Instead, many times he will just sit with her on his lap and just look at her while she continues to get worked up into the ANGRY BABY WAIL. Sometimes I want to yell “Try talking to her. Make funny faces and sounds. Get up off the couch. Walk around. Go look out the window. Get down on the floor with her. Do SOMETHING different!” But really, 95% of the time, he is so good with her. He makes up funny songs to sing to her. He snuggles with her on the couch. He is a great dad.

I think as she gets older and more interactive, he will have a lot more fun with her. Right now so much of our lives revolve around nursing. Many times when she is upset, the only thing that soothes her is nursing, even if she isn’t particularly hungry. Speaking of nursing, it sounds like someone is hungry now.



  1. I think we might be married to the same man! I got on to him the other day because he thinks he can surf the internet or watch TV when the kid is in a good mood and the kid won’t notice.

    I had the disorientation pretty bad at first. I think it gets better after a few night and better rest. I was sleeping in the guest room next to the nursery for about 8 weeks and I do so much better now that I’m in our bedroom across the house. I could hear every little thing next to him and woke up for every one of them. In our room I sleep with the video monitor next to me and the volume is lowish so I don’t hear every little thing. And I love that I can just look over and see what he’s doing. This morning he was awake but happy to chew on his hands for about 20 minutes while I went ahead and showered and got ready for work and I can always see when he’s starting to get upset before he actually starts crying and avoid the fuss. And it makes a decent night light.

  2. Can’t wait till I get some sleep like that!

  3. We have this monitor:

    It’s not perfect, but I can see and hear him and it doesn’t take down our internet. Totally worth it for us and a good value compared to other monitors, I think.

  4. Johnny is the exact same way– a GREAT dad and totally in love, but sometimes he doesn’t have a clue! 🙂 It’s kind of cute and funny… Moms are just better problem solvers!

  5. sounds like our husbands are very similar! lol. i remember thinking those same things. B would sit on facebook or play scrabble or something while a baby would start to cry. then he would pick them up and sit them on his lap as he continued to do it. i told him that i thought that we had to try to fit our schedule to the babies for awhile….instead of trying to make the babies do what we liked to do. in general he is awesome, just like yours!

    that is great about the sleep. we are trying to get back there. when the kids were sick and waking up all of the time i think it became a habit for them….so….last night we made it to a four hour block and are super happy!! maybe birdie can teach some baby sleep classes?? lol


  6. Bird thank you SO much, the hot diaper is working great!

  7. awww, i’m so sorry you’re having a hard time too, who would have guessed after all we went through. i absolutely think you should get a part-time job or do some volunteer work or something, you have to have something to do outside the house in order to remain sane, at least i do anyway. hang in there, i’m sure birdie will start sleeping better soon.

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