Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | February 12, 2010

7 weeks, poop emergency in public

Thanks you guys for the comments about her crying at the doctor’s office. It makes sense that she picks up on my nervousness. I hope that as the weeks go by that she becomes more easy to settle, and that I can relax and handle it better when she does cry in public.

I do have the Happiest Baby on the Block book and dvd, and have read and watched them multiple times. With swadling, I can get about 4 hour stretches of sleep with her, which is great. Is is realistic to do the 5 S’s while you are out in public? Getting her swaddled up usually pisses her off even more at first, so I usually just do that when we are at home.

Regarding supply, I have been eating oatmeal in many of its various forms, including the hot mushy kind for breakfast (which I hate).  The fenugreek seemed to be helping, but over the weekend, I got a blocked duct in my right breast that was unbelievably painful. After two days of warm compresses, massaging, and many frequent and painful nursing sessions that had me in tears, it resolved. I stopped taking the fenugreek during that time, because I didn’t need any extra pain from MORE milk. I’m going to restart it again, and if it doesn’t help, then I’ll try the reglan.

But, in more breastfeeding woes, I now have either a milk blister on my right nipple, or perhaps thrush. Birdie doesn’t seem to have white patches in her mouth, but my right nipple has this white patch, it burns and hurts hurts hurts. I called my doctor and they called in some more all purpose nipple ointment for me. I swear, could this just go smoothly for a while?

My sister went home yesterday. It was so great to see her. We did, however, have a crisis in Babies R Us one day while she was here. We were out driving around, and Birdie was fussing. She used to like the car, but now she only likes it when the car is moving. Stoplights = fussing. We happened to be near BRU and I needed to pick up a couple of things anyway, and I figured I could easily change her there.

I ended up changing her diaper in the changing station in the bathroom, because I’m an idiot and didn’t know that’s what the “mother’s room” is for. She was mildly wet, but not enough to really have caused the fussing. Right as I was putting the new diaper under her, there was an explosion. Projectile poop. On me, on our diaper changing pad, on the plastic changing station, on the stall wall right next to us, and even a drop on the floor. I could not believe it! It was one of those worst nightmare moments. My sister had stayed outside with the cart, so I was on my own. I was trying to clean her up, and the entire bathroom that she had soiled. I think I went through all the wipes I had. People kept coming in and out of the bathroom, and I felt awful, wishing that I had some good cleaning supplies. Birdie was perfectly happy after pooping.

Here is a picture of the poo machine at 7 weeks:



  1. Well, at the very least that is the most beautiful poo machine I’ve ever seen. 🙂

  2. Wow. That is awful, but at least you were not at some restaurant or a friends house.

    Baby Bird is as cute as can be!

  3. Hope that lovely face makes you forgive her for the horrid poo explosion!

  4. I am LMBO over here.
    little peanut and I had almost the same thing happen at a store called Bye Bye Babby. She had the messy diaper that exploded all over her and I had no spare clothes go figure. She screamed bloody murder the whole time you could hear her through the whole store. My girlfriend ran and pulled the cheapest outfit she could find off the store floor while I attempted to clean her up. It was horrible and I was in complete tears. We promtly left the store as soon as she was changed and I done for the day.

  5. ARGH! It ALWAYS happens like that, IN PUBLIC! and so humiliating. I haven’t had my first poo emergency yet, but I know it’s coming. I learned to keep my trunk in my car clean so that when the emergencies came about, I could run to the car or pull over. I had a whole emergency kit back there. Extra wipes/diapers/clothes/t-shirt for me/garbage bags/hand sanitizer. LOL And breastfed poo always seems to just go everywhere. We used to call them ‘blow outs’ when it went out of the diaper. Ick.

    Look at that cute face though! So angelic!!!!!

    Now that mine is 3 weeks, we are starting the fussies. 😦 Good news is, when she is 3 months, it’ll go away (or before). Doctors have said that no one ever hears of a colicy baby over 3 months.

    Hang in there. Hope the boobies feel better 😦

  6. She is SO BEAUTIFUL! Seriously a very beautiful baby 😀 I’m sorry about the poop incident, but, I hope in hindsight you can see it’s kinda funny 🙂

  7. Awesome poo story. I would be so mortified and completely frustrated by that!

    Glad to hear that the fenugreek seems to be working and you got that duct cleared. The LC suspects that I have yeast even though I’m not feeling any symptoms but she is having me apply athlete’s foot cream and triple antibiotic ointment together several times a day. And interesting, it doesn’t have to be washed off. At this point I’d put anything on them to make them heal.

  8. LMAO, the poo story is a keeper!

    Sorry for the milk woes 😦 Hope it gets better.

    She is darling 🙂

  9. omg!! how is she 7 weeks already???

    the poo emergencies don’t stop there, girl…you will just get more creative with how you handle them. we were at a baby shower at a restaurant. baby boy poo’d. when B came back from the bathroom he was in a whole new outfit. apparently, b decided that his previous outfit was too far gone….so he decided to clean everything up with it then threw it away!! lol.

    i really hope bf’ing gets better 🙂

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