Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | February 2, 2010

the socks

I was going through a box of random stuff the other day when I came across these:

They are the socks I bought that day in Target a little over a year ago, the day that later in the afternoon, I would find out that the beta was falling and I was to miscarry. And now these socks are on my baby girl. My living, snuffly, squalling baby girl who kicks them off her feet within minutes. I feel incredibly lucky, like I just narrowly missed getting hit by a bus or something.



  1. I remember Bird. I am so happy that she is finally here.

  2. Crying happy little tears for you. So glad that your family has grown by one beautiful little girl.

  3. It’s sad, but they are perfect on her little feet.

    Wanted to pass on that I just got some little bands the other day called “stay put socks” ( and they look really neat. We haven’t tried them yet (we haven’t tried socks yet at all) but I got the whole set because I know those baby socks are darn hard to keep in place and I hope they help.

  4. Her little leg is sooo cute! Love the socks.

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