Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | February 2, 2010

question for you guys

Tomorrow I have my 6 week postpartum checkup. Can I bring Birdie with me? I assumed that I would, since S has to work and I really don’t want to leave her with my mother in law, given our current awkwardness. When dealing with infertility and going to the ob/gyn waiting room, you always see new moms with their tiny babies, presumably there for their post birth check up. But, of course, being the overly worried freak that I am, I had to google “6 week postpartum checkup” and found that I should probably expect a full pelvic exam (with pap smear!), and now I’m worried that Birdie will be screaming and I will be struggling to hold and soothe her whilst wearing the shitty paper gown and 12 in square “blanket” they give you, and I will cry and have a nervous breakdown.What if she’s fussy when it’s speculum time? Do I just leave her in the car seat screaming? Maybe that would ensure a quick exam. Don’t people usually bring their babies to show them off? Or do the husbands go to the appointment too and hold the baby during the exam?

I haven’t ventured out many times with her alone. She is sometimes wonderfully sleepy after a car ride, but sometimes she can be terribly fussy. I am embarrassed by my inability to instantly quiet her, so I just don’t go many places with her yet. The one time I took her to Target a week or so ago, she screamed, but thankfully, I was able to quiet her down and quickly finish grabbing the few things I needed.

So, what would you do? Swallow my pride and ask to leave her with MIL? Or take my chances and bring her to the appointment and hope she is all smiley and cute instead of Angry Baby?



  1. You can take her, though I didn’t. They do a quick pelvic exam, no pap smear for me.

    The doctor actually asked me “where’s the baby at?!?” so I think they do expect it.


  2. I think bringing her is perfectly natural and probably expected.

  3. I brought her to mine. It was a short check up. She slept the whole time actually.

  4. I left her with my good frined while I went to the doctor. Just with all the germs I could not bring myself to take her in a place like that just yet. I hated it when I had to take her for her first check up….I sat acroos the wtg room as far away from sick people as I could and prayed they took me in asap and was lucky because they did. Just me though. Plus, if you leave her at home with someone you can relax and be refreshed when you get back home.

  5. You can take her! A lot of women I know have a friend/hubby/grandma come with to watch the baby, BUT dont’ you usually have a nurse in there when a pelvic exam is going on? They could try soothing her if she does, by chance, feel angry at that moment. you gotta show off your little cutie!!

  6. For my 6 week check, I brought my baby. A nurse heard her (and her screaming cut down on my wait time a LOT). For my pap, six months later, I brought her again, and nursed during the whole exam. I figure my doc has seen it all!

  7. Bring the baby. My little one had colic (silent reflux) and was screaming her head off and I was a bit frazzled. The nurses took one look and grabbed the baby and a bottle and spent lots of time passing her around and cooing at her sweet little face. Maybe not ideal for some new parents, but it was exactly what I needed at the moment.

  8. late to the game on this one.

    i think you could have taken her without issue. i think the OBs like to see their “handiwork”. lol.

    what did you decide???

  9. oh…and btw: don’t be embarrassed by your inability to calm her instantly. i think that a baby’s cries sound loudest to the parents. seriously.

    …or maybe that is just what i like to think since my kids cry about things and i just have to laugh to maintain my sanity with two babies crying at the same time!! lol!

  10. You should absolutely take her. I think, especially at an OB office, they will understand a baby being there, even a fussy one!

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