Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | January 24, 2010

one month

Birdie is one month old today. I cannot believe it how quickly it has gone by.

Since I have not been good about writing in her baby book, here are some things I want to remember about her first month:

Her noises. She alternately sounds like a whining puppy, a snuffling horse, and a squeaky bird. I’m starting to learn her cries. I felt like a bad mom because for a long time I had no idea what her cries meant. Now I’m able to distinguish a few different ones. Her “I’m bored and starting to get tired of this” cry sounds like a chainsaw off in the woods. Uhh-eh-uh-eh-uh-eh, over and over until you pick her up and make funny faces at her. Her “I’m HUNGRY milk lady! Where the fuck is my milk?” cry starts off like the bored cry but ramps up really quickly until she gets a nipple in her mouth. Then there’s her “colicky/nothing will get me to stop crying” cry that has a hoarse, lip quivery, break your heart quality to it.

Her soft, soft skin. Nothing could be more perfect. I love to nuzzle the side of her neck when she relaxes and rests her head on my chest. Her downy hair after a bath is like a baby chick. She is growing some eyelashes now. Her little chicken legs are getting stronger and stronger from all of the kicking she is doing these days. She makes all of these complicated hand movements. How she sleeps with her arms thrown up over her head. The way she shakes her head from side to side frantically and opens her mouth like a baby bird when I go to nurse her. How she always starts out feeding with her fists and arms all clenched up and by the end she has become relaxed and floppy. How she is too long to stretch out in my lap now. She is developing some ridiculously scrumptious cheeks and thighs, apparently all from my milk. How she is starting to smile. How she will just stare at S’s face for ten minutes, just fascinated. How she loves her swing.

I could (and should) go on and on and on, but it’s 2:30 am and she’s sleeping and I should be too. Happy one month birthday baby Bird!



  1. She is SO adorable!! Sounds like a wonderful month!

  2. 🙂 aren’t they so amazing!! she’s sooooo beautiful!!

  3. She’s beautiful – can’t believe she’s smiling like that already!
    I hope I manage to figure out the cries like you have. And that I manage to BF well. I guess I’ll learn on the job, just like every other mother out there!

  4. WOW! A month! Holy Bananas! She just gets cuter and cuter.

  5. Just gorgeous xxx

  6. How has it been a month already!

    Those cheeks do look scrumptious.

  7. I just popped back and noticed the shirt she’s wearing! I LOVE IT!!! Too cute!

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