Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | January 8, 2010

birth story – part 1

*note: I started this post a few days ago, and quickly realized that I woudn’t be able to finish the whole story at once. I’ll break it down into parts.

birth story pt 1: induction attempt

Wow, suddenly it has been 14 days since baby Bird was born and I still haven’t written down her birth story. I’m afraid of forgetting the details. She is currently asleep on her dad’s lap, and I managed to get a somewhat reasonable amount of sleep last night, considering that I was up 4 times feeding her, so I’ll attempt it now.

We got to the hospital Tuesday night (the 22nd) around 10:30 at night. As usual, I was all worried about the procedure – where to go, how things would work, where S would have to park the car. It was super cold and snowing lightly, but the roads were generally okay. Once we pulled into the emergency entrance (the only way into the hospital at night), I got out and the security guard guy was very helpful. He got us a wheelchair, and we ended up putting our bags in it. I checked in at a counter inside and they sent us on our way to labor and delivery. Once we got there, the nurse at the desk was expecting us and showed us right to our labor and delivery room. It was quite nice, and a little roomier than the one we saw on the hospital tour.

I got changed into a gown and got settled in the room and our nurse came in and did some paperwork and put me on the monitors. About an hour later, she put the first dose of cytotec in and offered me a sleeping pill. I took it and managed to sleep for a couple of hours. I had some contractions, but it wasn’t bad. A few hours later she put in the second dose. About an hour after that, things got a little crazy. I was having a lot of contractions, pretty close together and was starting to get uncomfortable. The nurse asked if I wanted to try sitting in the rocking chair, and when I went to sit down, I felt a gush – my water broke. Then the contractions started coming really strong and close together, but I was only dilated to 3cm. We called our doula, and she showed up very quickly. I think it was around 5am at this point. They put me on some wireless monitor for contractions and the baby’s heartbeat so that I could try walking around the halls, but that quickly became impossible with the pain. I was having back labor and a lot of tailbone and pelvic pain.

I was sitting on the birthing ball with contractions coming less than a minute apart, and very intense. They hadn’t even started pitocin at this point either. S and the doula were taking turns rubbing my back and encouraging me, but after several hours with no further dilation, I asked for an epidural. An IV was started and the anesthesiologist came in and put the epidural in. I’m not gonna lie, it hurt a little and was a little scary, but once it was in, oh, the pain relief was glorious! S left the room because he is very squeamish, so the nurse and my doula were there trying to keep me calm. The contractions were coming so close together that I was scared to death that I would move while he was sticking the needle in my back. Somehow it worked out and things were much better after that. I was able to sleep for a few hours. I was so exhausted, and it was so nice to be finally comfortable. My doctor stopped by (I think around 10am) to check me, and I had only dilated to 4 cm. My contractions had slowed down, so they started pitocin and for the next seven hours continued to crank it up. I was worried that baby Bird wouldn’t tolerate it, but she was looking good on the monitor, and I was having good strong regular contractions. I wasn’t in any pain and was able to rest.

My nurse that afternoon was awesome. I wish I could remember her name! She kept helping move me into different positions to try to get the baby to move down, even though I had the epidural. The warm blankets were wonderful. S had decided at the last minute to twitter the birth (don’t laugh!) so that he didn’t have to keep making phone calls to his and my family around the country. It worked out really well. Both of our sets of parents and siblings got to stay updated on everything, and a bunch of friends and coworkers followed along as well.

It was incredibly frustrating that every time they checked me, I was still at 4cm and the baby was still at a -2 station. Around mid afternoon, there was talk of doing a c section. We tried waiting a bit longer, and still no progress. Around 5:30pm, it was becoming pretty clear that she just wasn’t going to be born vaginally. She was not descending at all into the birth canal, and with my history of tailbone and pelvic problems, it just was not going to happen.

next part of the story to come soon.


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