Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | December 28, 2009

a quick picture

I keep thinking I am going to take and upload a better picture of her, but I am just too exhausted.

Here is baby Bird:

She had a bit of a cone head at first, having been stuck in my pelvis for 18 hours before the c-section, but it rounded out nicely in a day or two. She is a very sweet baby, but last night, our first night home from the hospital, was rough. No sleeping at all for S and I. Of course she sleeps all day though. We are so in love with her. S is so amazing with her. He has really just jumped right in and takes care of her, which is impressive given his previous total fear of newborns.

I also have massive swelling. And when I say massive, I am not fucking around. I am 10 pounds above my weight the day I delivered her, and you figure she weighed 8 lbs 3 oz, plus the weight of the placenta and amniotic fluid, so I’m retaining a good 20 lbs of fluids. My feet, legs and thighs are so disgustingly and painfully swollen. The doctor and nurses keep saying that’s normal for all the fluids I received, but damn, I can’t even fit into my maternity clothes right now. Has anyone had this happen after a c-section? My blood pressure dropped ridiculously low in recovery (like 74/45) so they gave me a ton of fluids, but that was Wednesday night. How long will this take to go away? Is there anything I can do to speed it up?



  1. Gorgeous daughter. Wow.

    Crappy about the fluid retention. Sorry! I hope it goes away soon…

  2. She is just perfect xxx

  3. Our daughter is lovely! I don’t know about the fluids. Maybe gentle massage? Maybe your doctor will give you a diuretic? That has to be so uncomfortable.

  4. After my c section, I was just like you, and actually gained weight. My feet and legs were sooooooo tight. It took about 2 weeks before the fluid went down in my feet, legs, hands and face. The culprit was the fluid I got during the c section(i did loose a lot of blood) and afterwards too. know it sounds counterproductive, but drink lots of fluid! After 2 weeks, my weight started dropping dramatically. I’ve officially lost almost all of my pregnancy weight now. I’ve got about 5 pounds to go a month after the birth.
    And she is sooooo cute!!!

  5. Our daughter? I meant YOUR daughter. My own personal hands are pretty swollen and typing is a little worse than usual.

  6. Oh, she’s perfect!

    I’m with rosesdaughter, drink, drink, drink! The more fluid you drink the less you retain as crazy as it sounds. I’ve heard from lots of people it takes about 2 weeks to get the fluid down, so you’ve still got a little while.

  7. She’s beautiful!

    Sorry about the swelling 😦

  8. She is so beautiful. Congrats again. Hope you feel better soon. Just make sure u get LOTS of rest and prop up the feet.

    Enjoy your little miracle 🙂

  9. What a sweet girl — congratulations! You must be over the moon. I wish I had advice re: the swelling — it sounds so uncomfortable. Drinking fluids and resting sounds like good advice, though! I’m sure you will be back to normal in no time at all.

  10. A) She’s beautiful

    B) Congratulations

    C) That swelling sounds horrible. One thing my acu has recommended for swelling is soaking in Epsom salts. Her reasoning is that it’s made of magnesium sulfate, which should bring down swelling and/or draw out toxins. I’ve tried this for my edema, and I’m not sure it’s a magic bullet (I think you have to get the water cool enough not to aggravate swelling), but I think it’s worth trying, maybe just on your feet to see if you respond well. Sorry that’s happening, and hope it resolves soon!

  11. I too was HUGE after the Csection. Absolutely enormous. The swelling does go down, but while it lasted I could only fit into flipflops. Elevate your feet/legs when you can. I don’t think it actually helped my swelling go down, but it made my legs and feet feel a little less painful.

    She’s adorable!!! What a Merry Christmas!!!

  12. yay for a new lil girl!! she’s beautiful! 🙂

    i had massive swelling for about 2 weeks. it goes away quickly. you’ll be surprised!


  13. How beautiful!! Congratulations!!

  14. congrats!! She’s beautiful!! I’m so happy for you guys, that you’re little miracle is finally here! Happy Christmas, Happy new year – Momma!

  15. Congratulations on your beautiful girl!

    I had the c-section fluid retention – I could actually feel the skin on my legs (especially my thighs) stretching. It was disturbing, but it went away fairly quickly. As everyone else has said, drink, drink, drink.

  16. Aw, she’s gorgeous!

    And the swelling? Drink a lot of water. A loooooot of water. Eat cukes and watermelons and foods filled with liquid. It’ll help.

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