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pictures and an embarrassing question

Patchy the sad looking squirrel is still alive! He made it through this last storm at least.

I swore I would never post belly shots, but this one doesn’t show my face, so what the hell. Note my cat at the bottom, staring down a squirrel on the deck outside.

37 weeks

And, here is an embarrassing question – what are you all planning to do/did you do regarding bikini area maintenance before delivery? Normally I wax my own bikini line, but I haven’t been able to see or reach to do that for several months. After viewing some hideously scary graphic childbirth videos at our class, it occurred to me that now might be a good time to go get a brazilian wax done professionally! On the other hand, I may be so preoccupied with the pain of labor and other stuff that I don’t care how many nurses, residents, medical students and doctors see my lady parts all unkempt.

After doing some googling, I’ve read that it’s apparently become quite popular to get waxed a week or two before delivery. Others say that it’s way more painful than normal during pregnancy and to avoid it completely. I’ve always been too modest to go to someone to have it done, but perhaps now would be a good time to chuck modesty out the window. I know there will be a lot of bleeding post delivery, and it seems like it would be so much easier to keep clean without a bunch of hair down there.

Am I crazy to be even thinking about this? I hate shaving and the itchiness that goes along with it. I’m not really afraid of the pain of waxing, since I’ve done it myself numerous times. On the other hand, I don’t want to get a botched wax job and have red, raw skin and feel like a plucked chicken if I do go into labor right after.  I’ve found a place in town that appears reputable, specializes in brazilians, and uses sugaring, which is supposed to be gentler than hard wax. Plus, it’s not cheap, and it’s in a nice area of town, with very good reviews. What do you think? Would you do it? And what level of bareness would you go with? Not that it matters, but if any of you work in labor and delivery, what do most of your patients do as far as hair removal?



  1. First of all, you look awesome! You are the perfect size and shape and that photo (with your sweet cat staring out with you) is adorable. Go you!

    I’m not going to comment on that sad, hairless squirrel because I can’t think about it, honestly.

    Finally I’m sooooo glad you’ve raised this hair issue. I’ve been frustrated by it since my belly first grew too large for me to see to shave. I am looking forward to what everyone says on this issue so I can decide as well. I am so tempted to get the wax. I honestly doubt that it would be much more painful than normal. I have one of those home (Poetic Waxing Kit) wax things and was thinking of just testing one area to see if it would be too painful….

  2. You look great!

    Ok, I have been suffering mightily as far as personal grooming. I can’t see to shave. I tried using an electric razor, but had the same damn problem. I am thinking I need to get on the toilet with a mirror.

    I could not handle getting a wax job there. I get my eyebrows and upper lip done, and the id of doing tha where it is even more sensitive is…. scary.

    I would take a crack at it with an electric razor and a hand mirror.

  3. Oh Patchy! He does look sad. But you look great!

    I have probably seen the same stuff you have on the waxing topic. I personally don’t care about what others think… hell, some of the stuff the RE saw was enough to get me over it all (I my legs were strapped down and I was unconscious during my lap, I shudder to think how graphic of a scene that was). Plus I had a bad waxing experience before and lost some skin on my eye brows… and I get really freaked out about the risk of infections from wax. They aren’t suppose to double dip, but how can you ever be sure they haven’t? And when it comes to doing embarrassing stuff on the delivery table, unkempt personal area is lower on the list than accidentally pooing on the table for me.

    The ease of cleanup post partum seems to be the only real selling point to me. I think a close trim would be enough to satisfy me personally.

  4. What a beautiful picture! (Of you, not the squirrel!)

    As for the hair issue, I have no idea. Let me just say that it’s embarrassing no matter which way you go.

    When I had Grace at 24 weeks, I could still see to shave, and had kept up a nice and tidy area. When the nurse pulled back the sheet to prep me for my emergency c-section, with three other nurses around, two doctors, an ultrasound tech, my mother, my mother-in-law, and my PRIEST, she said, “Oh, you guys must have been keeping the spice alive! You’re all nice and trim down there! No need to shave you!”

    Really, I don’t think it matters. That part just sucks anyway you go.

    Thinking of you!!

  5. I’m ususally very kempt in that area and haven’t seen it in the last 2 1/2 months either. I’m just giving up. I don’t care what the dr sees, I’m sure he’s seen it all. After the baby I’ll go back to my usual ways, but until then I’m letting it all hang out. Humph.

  6. I don’t think I’d wax at all. I don’t know a whole lot about the subject, but my sister-in-law who is an esthetician said she was taught against waxing or sugaring women who are pregnant because their blood is closer to the surface of their skin and they bleed easier. Also, if you’re anemic at all, you’ll bleed even more. I’d be wary about waxing “down there” too if I tested positive for Strep B (don’t know if you have or not) because of the risk of the infection going into my bloodstream and affecting the baby.

    That being said, I am completely on the same boat as you, with wanting to be clean and not all hairy when in labour, even if only so that I feel better about myself when people are looking at the ugliest part of me. I’m fortunate enough to still be able to reach far enough to shave, but I think if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t bother doing anything.

    Then again, I’m a little biased. I’m a waxing hater…I can’t stand the pain!

  7. Wonderful belly pic 🙂 The squirrel pick makes me sad for the poor little guy! Aww. Glad he’s still alive.

  8. I’ve done enough anesthetics for C/S and delivered enough babies in med school and residency – I personally never cared at all if a woman had shaved/waxed or anything, whether legs or pubic hair. We’re all professionals, no one really every cared, and I sure never heard anyone commenting about it.
    Personally, I find the full wax or landing strip kind of icky and think esp the full thin is a little strange. Why would you want to look like a little girl as you’re about to bring a baby into the world?
    I’m not going to bother doing anything before I deliver.

  9. lol. i totally agree with kate. no one cares. except you. to drive the point home: i have shaved completely for a long time. when i was reading some of my charts people had noted: “normal hair distribution”. lol. see? people don’t give a crap!!

    you look super cute, btw!!

    and i’ve been watching those squirrels, too. we have so many fat, fluffy ones right now. in a few months though….they start to look sad and really skinny….


  10. dude, I have to tell you, I took another crack at shaving yesterday. I took a fair chunk out of something. Mister is just going to have to do it.

  11. Personally, by the time I delivered, I was so over it, I just trimmed the area up with some clippers and moved on. As a L&D nurse, i’ve seen everything. Most of the time we don’t care, but every once and a while there is that one patient where you wonder…..have you EVER groomed this area????

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