Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | December 1, 2009

36 week appointment

With all of  the Thanksgiving excitement last week, I forgot to mention my OB appointment. I’m now going every week. When I first interviewed my new OB at 20 weeks, she had said that towards the end she would do additional monitoring because of being on the metformin, and that even if I didn’t officially develop gestational diabetes, I likely would have without the met, so she would treat me sort of as if I have it. So far there has been nothing – no additional monitoring and I’m 36 weeks, so I brought it up at the appointment. We are now going to start doing weekly non stress tests, and I have an ultrasound scheduled at 38 weeks to check the size of the baby.

She said she doesn’t anticipate letting me go much past my due date because of a number of factors, including the metformin/IR/GD/potentially large baby, and the pelvic and tailbone issues. To be honest, that is fine by me. I’ve been worried about going a week late and having to deal with changing to our new crappy insurance and paying a lot more for the delivery, the holiday period and availability of my doctor, and the whole idea of potentially breaking my tailbone again due to a gigantic baby, as well as the stress of worrying about something going wrong and the baby dying. Yes, I still have dead baby thoughts.

I know that induction is not ideal, and that it’s so much better to go into labor naturally, and that intervening can lead to a cascade of interventions, but it’s also so nice to know that there is an end in sight, and that there is a plan. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about a 2009 tax deduction. I also just can’t wait to meet her. At the same time, I am already sad about only having a few weeks of being pregnant left. Every day I am so thankful that we have made it this far.

In nursery news, I have made some progress. We have moved furniture around and there is now a dresser in there. It does not match the crib, but at this point, I don’t care. Maybe at some point we will feel like paying another $500 for the matching dresser, but right now, there’s a light colored Ikea dresser next to a dark wood crib. It looks a bit funky, but baby Bird won’t know or care. I’m getting ready to wash the first load of baby clothes.

I’m going today for my last hair cut and color before the baby. The pedicure I said I’d treat myself to last month for my birthday is scheduled for tomorrow. I need to work on getting something up on the walls and make some curtains. We put together the pack and play last night. The cats love it. I’m hoping that much like the crib, by setting it up early, we are giving them a chance to explore it and get bored with it before the baby comes. They don’t give a crap about the crib anymore. However, the new favorite spot of both cats to sleep is on the glider. It is awfully cute. I will have to make sure I check for cats before sitting down at night to feed the baby in the future.

We still need to confirm the baby’s doctor. My husband’s friend is a family practitioner, and we have been meaning to call him, but S keeps not doing it. The poor guy doesn’t even know we are pregnant (we have been awful about socializing during the infertility treatments and apparently all of this pregnancy), so I want S to give him a call before we show up for an appointment. Do you guys have any opinions about pediatrician vs. family practitioner? S really feels comfortable with his friend (who is his doctor as well), but I feel like a pediatrician is slightly better since all they deal with are babies and kids. I do like that we know him personally and can perhaps take a little advantage of that if we need to.



  1. Glad to hear your cats are bored of the crib…we just put ours together and I’m hoping my cats have the same reaction (I am very paranoid about them suffocating the baby once he’s here). I personally am going with a pediatrician for the reason you laid out, but if the family doc you know is someone you’re both comfortable with I think that is the most important thing. I am having a prenatal consult tomorrow with the pedi I picked out — perhaps docs in your area have the same thing and you could meet with a couple just to see who you’re most comfortable with?

  2. I have a feeling that I will be facing induction too for many of the same reasons you may. I’m not thrilled about it, but I’d rather be induced and more confident about my ability to push out my baby than mentally blocked by the size and fail to progress and end up with a c-section. It’s not ideal, but sometimes necessary.

    My cats really, really want in the crib… they are terrible jumpers (probably due to living in a shelter for the first year of their lives) and haven’t figured out how to get in it yet. The have also tried to use the mesh side of the pack n play as a scratching post, I hope you cats don’t get the same idea. I think I’m going to have to keep spray bottles around the baby stuff to politely remind them to leave that stuff alone.

    I haven’t found a dr. yet either. I think as long as the FP is used to and confident in dealing with infants it probably isn’t an issue. I live in a rural area and lots of people use FPs but if pediatricians were available maybe that would be better?

  3. i didn’t have a doc till after i left the hospital with the kids 🙂 i knew it was between 2 (and i didn’t go and interview…i just took the recommendations of other moms i know).

    and i think that induction is fine. hell, i probably would have had a scheduled c-section with one baby if the doc would have done it. 😉

    glad that everything is coming along! as long as you put the car seat in the car, you are good to go. that’s all you really need. you’ll be surprised at how natural it all is to you!


  4. I’m sticking with my family doctor for our kid (or her replacement, since she’s due to have her twins shortly before we have our baby). I’m a doctor too. Routine stuff they can easily take care of, and if there’s any concern, I know she’ll refer quickly to the appropriate specialist (general pediatrician or not). If he’s got a good manner with babies and kids, I wouldn’t have a problem going with your DH’s doctor/friend. Having an “in” can be a good thing, too.

  5. I was going to use our family doctor. But then the office staff were such cows to me about H1N1 that I have decided on new doctors all around. I am gonna ask our next door neighbor who she uses and see how I like them.

    Just as an FYI to all you cat owners, you can buy a mesh cap to put over the crib to keep the cats out. They sell it at Babies R Us. We are getting one for sure.

    I don’t think you need to worry about the induction. Strictly from a financial point of view, I would have been more freaked about the new insurance bills than anything else.

    I am so excited that your little girl is coming!

  6. I would definately go with the pediatrician if I had a choice. Congrats btw!

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