Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | November 12, 2009

moving on

Ok I think I got my “nobody loves me, waaah” rant out of my system. I need to stop whining and get over it.

I got the H1N1 shot today at my almost 34 week appointment. I was shocked that they had it. I had kind of given up hoping for the time being, since my county seems to be particularly messed up with supplies and is mostly giving them out at mass clinics (which I refuse to go to). My arm is sore and I feel like poo, much like with the seasonal flu shot I got last month, but I am glad that it is one less thing to worry about.

I have a new worry. It is open enrollment season right now, and my husband’s employer is not offering our current health insurance next year. We found out yesterday that it is being replaced with a much crappier and more expensive option. We expected to pay more, but were hoping to keep the same insurance coverage, but that is not possible.

Of course, this new shitty insurance will take effect Jan 1. I’m due December 25th, so I could easily go a week over and be completely fucked as far as insurance coverage goes.What happens if I go into labor and the hospital on 12/31 but deliver on 1/1? Which insurance covers it? We’ve met our deductible with our current insurance, and I’ve already paid our portion of the obstetrician fees, so it could end up being A LOT OF MONEY if she is born on or after January 1st.

I’m not even sure if my OB is covered under the new insurance. At my appointment today, I tried to feel her out for her thoughts on induction. Is it terrible that I’m thinking about insurance and money over my baby’s timing of going into labor naturally? But here’s the thing – they can’t possibly let me go much past a week over, and if it is a difference of just a few days, why not induce a day or two early and save potentially many thousands of dollars? I feel bad, but hell, I’m going to be miserable by that point anyway, it’s the holidays, let’s just get on with it.

Am I terrible for thinking that?




  1. No you are not terrible. I’m thinking of asking to be induced early because I need to go back to work. The sooner the better.

  2. My birthday is Dec 30 so that my parents could get a tax deduction (they wanted me to be born on the 31st because my brother’s bday is on the 31st of a diff month and it would be easier for them to remember but the dr. had the day off… they have forgotten my birthday entirely TWICE). I will openly admit that I think it was pretty crappy of them to do that to me since my due date wasn’t even until Jan 2, but honestly, I do understand it. My only advice is to not make jokes about having your child early to save money (that’s the part that really gets me I think).

    I think it’s definitely worth discussing with your dr…. But you should still expect to stay at the hospital a day or 2 (and 3 or 4 if you get a c/s) so as far as an induction schedule goes you might want to consider that. If there is almost no way that you’ll get out of the hospital before the new year, it might be best to try to avoid the induction.

  3. I understand the insurance concerns. My insurance changes 1/1 and I’m not due until later in January. There’s not a significant difference in my coverage but still, I know it’s going to be a billing hassle and I expect things to get messed up somewhere along the line. As far as your question about being admitted on the 31st and delivering on the 1st–whatever insurance is in effect at the time you are admitted to the hospital should cover your entire stay. You can verify that in your Certificate of Coverage from your insurance company if you have a copy of it.

  4. I would talk about it with your doctor. If anyone can relate to the awful reality of insurance, it is them. Maybe they will be willing to induce you.

  5. Or you could try for “natural induction” sex, walking, nipple stimulation, etc.

  6. I have to admit, I’d be thinking the same thing. If your cervix is favourable, I’d be asking for an induction between Christmas and New Year’s. Hopefully your little one will surprise you and arrive on her own time 1-3 weeks early (term, but not late, and early enough to avoid bumping up Mama’s anxiety level!).

  7. My OB was fine with inducing me 2 days after my due date (my daughter was about 7 1/2 lbs at my 34 week appt, so my OB didn’t want her to be HUGE at birth). it turned out i started labor that day anyway…

  8. Nope, not terrible. I’ll only be 36 weeks when my insurance switches on January 1, and the thought crossed my mind too. (It’s now out of my mind, but I’ll admit to the crossing of it.)

    I hope that she’s born by her due date so this is all a moot point, and I’m sorry that your insurance switch is screwing you over!

  9. I’ll echo the others and say, no, not terrible at all. My OB is basically insisting that he induce me at 39 weeks purely due to my age (40). I know I’m older than you, but I would think that the same reasoning would apply. I’ve read quite a few stories of women and babies who run into trouble after their due dates have passed–for whatever reason that is apparently more dangerous for babies of women 35 and over.
    I feel your pain–insurance companies suck!!!!! Good luck!

  10. No, not terrible at all. Your baby would not be at all threatened by that plan, so it’s all the same. I’m sure you will figure out a plan that works!

  11. No, not terrible. Maybe talk to the doc and explain the situation as the time draws closer, but hopefully it will be a null issue and baby will come on time or something… if not, I hope your doc is understanding, because I completely get where you are coming from. Crappy insurance sucks (my husband’s employer switched to a crappier insurance two years ago, and I was very livid… still am.)

  12. I totally get it. I definitely want to induce next week if the baby isn’t here. My husband wants to wait until the baby is ready, but if she doesn’t come next week it will really mess up my leave at work….and the guilt I feel over that is quite a bit…but I figure it is in the best interest of the baby too…

    Insurance is so stinky. It causes a lot of stress.

  13. I found that my doctor wouldn’t talk about induction – he said we’d talk about it when my due date got closer. I don’t think they want to get into induction for convenience (before the due date) discussions. However, if you are in an insurance transfer situation, I would bring that up to your doc, and I’m sure she would be willing to discuss a plan. Most are likely to induce a week after the due date anyway, so I would imagine falling a couple days short wouldn’t be a problem. Be direct – it’s the best plan.

    Also, even if you went beyond Jan 1, there is usually some sort of continuity of coverage clause for pregnancy, so they would probably cover your doctor even if she doesn’t accept their plan.

  14. Before you even mentioned induction that’s where my thoughts went. I know exactly what you mean worrying about the insurance/money end of everything. Several of our IF rounds were governed by insurance changes because, as nice as it would be to say that something like money and insurance isn’t the number one priority (which, granted it really ISN’T, but it is definitely up there!) it is a HUGE priority. Darn practicality. I’m sure it will all work out, but I know that doesn’t stop the worrying!

    In other news, I am SO happy for you that you have gotten so far!!! Congrats! The finish line is just on the horizon!

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