Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | October 28, 2009

another opinion

I was very upset after my appointment with Dr. Asshole. After some tears of frustration and self pity, and a good long nap, I collected myself and wrote an email to the very nice and very helpful genetic counselor from the same office. I explained my frustration with the doctor, that I had done a lot of reading on my own about the safety of metformin, and asked if she had any ideas for me. It was a good move, because the next day I got a message from another MFM specialist at the office. The genetic counselor had spoken to her about me.

It took a few days to catch her on the phone, but we talked and while she was not completely  thrilled about me staying on metformin, she was more open minded than the other guy. She said she has had patients stay on it with no problems, but that they still prefer to use insulin and glyburide to manage GD because the effects of metformin on the fetus are still unknown. She said she would leave it up to me, and I said I would like to stay on it. It was a relief to find a doctor who was ok with it. I just hope that I don’t develop any sort of complications and end up having to see Dr. Asshole again. I hate that man and I don’t ever want to see him again.

I took the three hour glucose tolerance test yesterday, on metformin. It was rather unpleasant on a number of levels. First – the hunger. I often get up and eat something in the middle of the night now anyway. Making a pregnant woman fast for that long is just cruel. I seriously contemplated eating my lip balm at one point. Second – the needle pokes. Now, these were not as bad as I anticipated. I went to a nice lab, and lady who took my blood four times was great. I was worried about how it would work to take blood from each arm twice, but she found a vein all 4 times with no digging and no massive bruising. It didn’t even hurt that much.

The most unpleasant aspect was how the massive dose of sugar made me feel. I had the lemon lime flavor and I chugged it down with no problem. About thirty minutes in, I started feeling awful. Heart pounding, shaky, dizzy, nauseous, and a good headache. The waiting room was filled with old ladies waiting for mammograms. I had brought all kinds of amusements for the three hours – some knitting stuff to work on, several books and magazines, but I couldn’t do anything. I asked if I could lay down in the recovery room that the lab tech had told me was available if I needed it. I laid down and put my sweater over my head and closed my eyes until the next blood draw. And the next. And the last. “Don’t throw up , don’t throw up, don’t throw up,” I kept saying to myself. Somehow I got through it. S picked me up and we went to lunch.

I was supposed to see my OB today and was hoping she would have the test results, but they canceled my appointment because she had a delivery to attend. I will find out tomorrow. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good results.



  1. Glad the other doctor was more open minded.

    Fingers crossed X

  2. I’m glad your counselor was able to help you out like that! I’m glad the other dr. was more open minded, although it sounds like she still gave you a bit of a guilt trip.

    Ick, that 3 hour test does not sound fun, but I’m really glad you didn’t throw up. How bad would that have been?! They might have made you redo the whole thing!

    I have noticed those 3am hunger calls more lately and I hate them. I’m tired as it is, I hate having to wake up enough to shove something down my gut so that I can sleep again. So I really sympathize with the hunger. It’s not easy.

  3. Ew. I have this test coming up in 3 weeks. Except it’s a 2 hour glucose test.
    Glad you found someone who’d let you stay on the met!

  4. I am thinking of you. That test is the worst, that goodness it is behind you. Would you believe I had to take it two days in a row because they did not draw enough blood the first time. Major suckage.

    I am so glad you found a doctor that let you stay on met.

  5. I’m glad that you didn’t throw up 🙂 and that you are an advocate for yourself. It really stinks that you had to push so hard to be heard. As if you don’t have enough going on!

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