Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | October 20, 2009

there is going to be a lot of swearing in this post

Two words: fucking asshole.

Yeah, the maternal fetal medicine appointment did not go well. Wait, I should clarify – the ultrasound went great. Baby looks great, no evidence of what we were worried about, she is growing well, moving well, and measuring a week ahead, but not gigantic or anything. It was the doctor himself who was an asshole.

I met with the genetic counselor first, and she was great. After discussing family histories, I mentioned the metformin thing, and she said oh yeah, the doctors are metformin friendly. She is a type 1 diabetic and she totally understood how being off metformin could cause me to fail the test.

But then I meet the doctor. He does not “believe” in metformin. He said I absolutely should have gone off of it at 12 weeks, that there was absolutely no reason for me to be on it still. He refused to even look at the 20 different journal articles I brought in, saying that “all kinds of stuff gets written up in journal articles”. He thinks PCOS is not “real” and that there is no connection between PCOS and IR and no need for metformin. He told me that my good HbA1C result is “meaningless”.

He said that he could not condone my use of metformin as a “lifestyle drug”, after I explained that it has helped tremendously with my PCOS symptoms and fertility. He said that I did not need metformin. Period. That I should not go back on it after the pregnancy is over. Oh and don’t even get me started about the baby aspirin. He thought I was insane for taking something “without empirical evidence that it was needed for a clotting disorder”.  Hi asshole, I’m not losing another pregnancy or two to wait for the testing that could show it might help. The cycle I took baby aspirin is the cycle I got and stayed pregnant. My RE said it couldn’t hurt, and it may have made the difference.

I tried to argue my points. I thought that I made very valid arguments, but he is SO FUCKING biased against metformin that he was completely unreasonable. At a certain point, I just shut down completely so that I wouldn’t start crying.

He wants me to go off the met completely, then a week later do the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. If that test shows that I am diabetic, he wants me to go on insulin or glyburide (which by the way does not seem to be any less ‘unsafe’ than metformin, as it crosses the placenta and additionally has a risk of hypoglycemia and higher weight gain).

I don’t know what to do. It’s not like I can shop around for another high risk specialist. I had to get a referral to see this motherfucker, and now he is going to tell my OB that I shouldn’t be on metformin. I have enough metformin to get me through the pregnancy, but I don’t really want to have to do it against doctor’s advice. I am so incredibly sad and frustrated. This guy was a closed minded bully. I don’t think I could find another OB at this point, if my OB will only go with what this jerk says. Do I keep taking met and pass the 3 hour test and stay on it on my own? Do I go off it and develop gestational diabetes because that’s what THE DOCTOR says to do?

I’m gonna go cry and take a nap.



  1. Does he have a practice manager you can call and complain to? Poor Boo. What a jerk. Also, maybe go on the defensive BEFORE he can talk to your doctor and call YOUR doctor first and ask how they could refer you to such an a-hole. And that you want a second opinion. Maybe that could work.

  2. Also, I threw down with one of my Moms doctors a few months ago and I know how stressful it is. That bitch asked me where I went to medical school. She was just mad that I was not kissing her doctor ass. I am still mad about it. But at least the baby looks great, that is comforting.

  3. yikes. 😦 seems weird that he doesn’t believe in PCOS. how is that even possible???

    sorry you had to deal with this. hope you get to pass the 3 hour test regardless. it was painful in my opinion….


  4. Ish. Fuck. Whatajackass. I’m sorry you are faced this these decisions. Doesn’t believe in PCOS or BA treatment? I only got pg when I took both and continue to take ba everyday. You couldn’t pry it from my fingers until this baby is out.

    Sorry, hon. He sucks.

  5. I have to agree with the second opinion idea. You cannot see that man again. What a complete jerk. I don’t know how you can’t believe in PCOS. If it doesn’t exist, what’s wrong with all of us? Oh, dear, I’m getting all worked up here at my desk just typing this! Hang in.

  6. Stay on it!!! If I were you I take it during my 3-hour too! You’re dr was willing to write you that script and should still be and it should be your choice. F*CK him. He is obviously more interested in some crack pot theory he has than doing what is best for you and baby bird.

    If you’re OB goes with him, get a new one! TOTAL PIA, but this is important to you. And I don’t know what your options are for MFM and how uncomfortable you would be with out a MFM specialist.

    If you have to go back to him, take S, or your MIL, or a really good girlfriend and if he starts to bully you, their job is to back you 100% and not let you have to take that crap from him. Lie to him and tell him that you stopped the BA if you want, but tell him that you are not stopping the met and it isn’t his decision.

  7. I would say that if you have done the research and finding a new OB is not plausible, I would just take the Met.
    Take the 3 hour glucose on Met.
    I mean really, insulin vs. Met? c’mon! You already know how your body responds to met and if in your research you have found it to be fine for the baby, then I would just do it. Met is better than GD

    BTW, the doc needs to have his ass checked at the door. argh!

  8. I’m staying on my met (am taking only 1g a day right now though) till the end. My OB told me to go home and look things up, but the evidence was now seeming to show that it helps prevent development of GDM. I’d sure rather swallow a couple pills that haven’t been shown to harm baby or cause hypoglycemia than to try my hand at insulin or glyburide if I don’t have to!
    Sorry he was such an ass!

  9. please do shop around for another MFM specialist. i had to switch to another group but it was the best move i could have made. look for another doctor, ask for a second opinion. that is a medical right that you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. What an ignorant shit. It may be difficult, but I would see if there is anyone else you can see. Maybe even another doc in the same practice?? That is just shameful. I’m so sorry you had to go through that.

  11. First, I am glad the baby looks good.

    Second, this doctor sounds like a complete idiot! I’m so sorry hun 😦 I seriously think that shopping around for another doctor would be better, if at all possible. One, his bedside manner sounds atrocious, two, he shouldn’t have just dismissed you, three, if Met and aspirin won’t hurt (which they shouldn’t, you’ve been on them this long!) what is his big beef? He sounds very biased, and pompous. Ungh.

  12. Wow. If there is any way you can see another specialist, please, please do! You deserve to at least be heard with respect! And he should have provided a clear explanation of why he thinks Met is wrong for you. He absolutely has a god complex.

  13. this guy is a douche. crap. i dont know what to say hon except (((HUGS)))

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