Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | October 20, 2009

i got my flu shot like a good girl

So, Friday at my OB appointment, I got the regular seasonal flu shot. They won’t have the H1N1 shot for a few more weeks. I’ve never ever gotten a flu shot before. I typically don’t get sick very often. I think my immune system got pretty hearty after working for several years with pre-kindergarteners. But because I’m pregnant and all, and because I really don’t want to end up dead or anything, I decided to get the flu shots this year.

I’m beginning to regret it. I’ve felt like shit for the past three days. Three full days of headaches (Sunday was particularly bad), sneezing, runny nose, aches, some nausea, and just generally feeling like I’ve been beaten up with a bat.  Have any of you had these side effects from the flu shot?

This can’t be normal. If everyone felt this crappy after a flu shot, nobody would get one. Granted, it’s not quite as bad as getting the full blown flu, but it has been bad enough that I don’t think I’ll get one in subsequent years when I’m not pregnant. And, I’m going to be very careful to try to get the H1N1 shot at a time when my husband will be home to take care of me, and make sure that I don’t have anything to do for 4 days or so.

Oh, the other lovely thing is that I rolled over in the middle of the night Friday night and I felt (and heard) a crack in the front of my pelvis. I think I have symphysis pubis dysfunction. It surprisingly wasn’t immediately painful, but now it hurts when going up and down stairs, when walking and trying to take normal stride lengths, and in a number of different positions and situations. I went to the grocery store today and had to waddle around slowly, putting a lot of my weight on the cart. Stepping out of the shower one leg at a time reduced me to tears. Luckily, I’m already seeing a physical therapist for sacroiliac pain, and I have an appointment with her on Wednesday. Hopefully she can help me with this new pelvic pain in the front. Does anyone have some tips about how to deal with this? Are there any stretches I can do? I wish I knew of a good chiropractor around here.

I feel awful whining and complaining about these aches and pains, because I am so lucky to find myself pregnant at all. I was telling baby Bird this morning, as I was limping down the hallway in pain, that I don’t care how much it hurts – it is worth it to have her growing and developing in my uterus. I wouldn’t have it any other way. However, I am starting to have some sympathy for women who say that they were miserable during pregnancy. As much as I would love to have a second child down the road (if we are so lucky), there is a part of me that thinks wow, it will probably be even more uncomfortable in a few years when I’m older and have toddler Bird to chase around. Maybe just one wouldn’t be so bad?

I have my appointment with the MFM specialist tomorrow. I have printed out my metformin journal articles and I have a giant list of questions. I hope things go well.



  1. Everytime the sciatica starts to get me, I think to myself”One child is not a bad idea.”
    As for the flu shot, I usually don’t get sick from it. But this year, It’s taking a mighty long time to get over this “cold” I’ve got that started a few days after I got the shot. I am dreading the H1N1 shot.

  2. Me and my husband both got ours for the first time and we both had a decent headache that night but no other problems. I don’t think your reaction is common, but I certainly don’t think you’re alone.

    My hair dresser had a very bad pelvic bone problem when she was pregnant. Her pelvis wouldn’t spread at all (and she’s a ‘hippy’ girls, it’s not something that you can tell just by looking) and she said it sounded like things were breaking when she moved and it would take her husband 45mins to get her out of bed she was in such bad shape. I don’t know what her actual problem was called, but it is apparently pretty rare and she was the first patient her ob (my old ob) had ever seen with it. She had to take narcs to get any relief at the end and sleep in the recliner. And she had a c/s. Her sister ended up pregnant later and had the same problem so it apparently ran in her family.

    I hope you don’t have what she had, but I can imagine that even if it isn’t that bad, it’s certainly not good. Hopefully your physical therapist will have some insight.

    Good luck with the met battle!

  3. I felt physically fine, but was filled with guilt worrying that the shot might cause Autism. I could not get the non-mercury one and my ob reassured me that it was fine to take the regular one. I am still worried but the risk of getting the flu was scarier to me than fear that the shot may do something worse. If I worked at home I would have skipped it. But I work in retail. There is no way I could have skipped it. I was scared every day till I got the shot.

    I am having leg cramps that are waking me up screaming. It is really, really bad. I have been limping for two days now. Sea Monkey is worth it, but yeah ouch is right.

    I am really nervous about the H1N1 shot. I feel like I am effed either way.

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