Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | October 12, 2009

definitely a girl

We caved and went and did an elective 3D ultrasound last week. The in laws came with us, and I think they really enjoyed it. We got to see the baby moving all around, confirmed that it’s a girl, and that we have a stubborn little one who doesn’t like getting her picture taken. She had her face smashed up against the placenta and the ultrasound tech had me do all kinds of things to get her to change position. Then her hands were in front of her face. Then her feet. Then the umbilical cord. I really didn’t care. For me, it wasn’t about getting a good picture of her face – it was about seeing that yes there is a baby in there, moving around, and looking generally okay.

It had been almost two months since the anatomy scan, and wow, she looks different! Plump, juicy limbs instead of being skeletal and alien looking. I think that S was more excited about this ultrasound because she looks like a human now. The one uncomfortable thing was feeling exposed in front of the in laws. For some reason, the ultrasound tech didn’t dim the lights that much. I don’t normally bare my stomach in front of the in laws, and I figured that they would have the decency not to stare at my stark white belly with its new decorative stretch marks, but no. The MIL actually made a comment about how huge I am and how pale my skin is and teasing me about not wearing bikinis. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

FIL started taking pictures of me on the table with my maternity pants pulled down quite lower than I anticipated. It was rather uncomfortable. They didn’t say a whole lot during the ultrasound, except for my FIL asking all kinds of technical questions, but afterwards we met some additional family members for dinner and they kept talking and talking about how neat it was, how we got to see what the baby looks like, and on and on.

For me, it was reassurance that I really needed, but for them, I think it was a bonding thing. It made it seem more real. They had seen printouts from previous ultrasounds, but there is something special about seeing it in real time and having various parts pointed out to you. That day was the first time they met their granddaughter. They saw her yawn and stretch her arms and open and close her hands.

And here she is:


baby 29w a



  1. That is so awesome. Congrats. We are having a little girl as well. How fun.

    Glad to hear all is going well and you got some great pics.

    Our little one is usually not shy but on our 34 week 3D ultrasound she was just not having it. Hands and feet never left her face. Little booger 🙂 lol

    Just enjoy the hourney and keep us posted.

    Take care 🙂

  2. Oh, she is SO CUTE!!!! How exciting!!
    (I just found out on Thursday that I’m having a girl, too! So surreal to say “my daughter” and “her”.)

  3. Eeek on the whole ‘exposure aspect’ of this…but what great pictures! I’m sure they were glad to share the experience…thought people don’t always have the most tact, do they?

  4. She is absolutely beautiful!!!!

  5. So so ssososososososoooooooooo CUTE!

  6. OMG Birds, she is freakin adorable! Those are the cutest 3d u/s pics I have ever seen. Now I want one.

  7. Look at the baby!!! She is sooo cute!

  8. So cute! You’ve tempted me now into trying this out myself!

  9. Oh my goodness, those are freakin’ adorable shots! She is lovely!

  10. 🙂 she’s adorable!!!

    …and what is it about MILs that think that they can just say anything? arg.


  11. awww, she looks so sweet already!!!!

  12. Absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Just beautiful hon – I can’t believe you are having a baby girl. She is going to be such a blessing to you guys xxx

  14. Honestly, these are the cutest 3 d ultrasound pictures I’ve ever seen.

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