Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | August 12, 2009

anatomy scan

Things look good! The ultrasound technician’s name was Rosie, and my goodness was she cheery. At first, her cheeriness was slightly agitating, but then I realized it was a good thing, because she talked constantly the entire time, pointing out lots of things. The heartbeat was 156. She looked at everything – the chambers of the heart, the brain, the kidneys, bladder, stomach, arms, and legs. The baby moved around a bit, but was generally cooperative, except when trying to get a peek at the goods. Rosie got one quick shot of between the legs and said she thinks it’s a girl and pointed out what she said was the labia, but then she couldn’t get another good look to confirm. She says she’s about 80% confident the baby is a girl.

80%! Shit. I mean, those are decent odds, but what if it is a boy? What if we just got a weird angle? Do we stay gender neutral with most things? My mom is probably already out buying  tons of pink dresses right now, even though I’ve warned her. Who knows, the new doctor may be willing to do another ultrasound at some point. Or we could go pay for a ultrasound at one of those places.

I would have been totally happy either way, but now I’m starting to get excited about girl names and girl things. I just wish we knew with more certainty. I have had dreams the past two nights about having a baby girl. In one dream, I left her at my mom’s house and forgot about her for days (my mom is in no shape to be caring for a newborn). In the other dream, I didn’t have any clothes or diapers for her.

Of course, I am so happy and relieved that all of the organs and such seem to be there and that nothing is obviously wrong. My doctor will review the report at the end of the week. I saw him for an appointment right after the ultrasound, and it reinforced my wanting to leave his practice. He spent so little time with me. He poo pooed my heartburn (“Just take tums.” I’m already taking 10 tums a day dude, they are not cutting it anymore). Rosie wasn’t able to get a good look at one of the hands because the baby had its hands up near its face. She suggested that we do another scan in 4 weeks. My doctor said that wasn’t necessary. Thanks buddy. Here’s a legitimate reason for another look at the baby and he says no. Fuck you asshole, I’m out of here.

Apparently my doctor reviews ultrasounds on Fridays. After that, I will put in my request for records, and I will officially move a block down to the street to my new doctor. She may not be absolutely perfect, but she is so, so much better than Old Mean Doctor.

Oh, and the baby was measuring several days ahead. It (she?) currently weighs 14 ounces and is about 3 days ahead. According to their scale, I have gained 9 pounds, but I had also just drank a TON of water for the ultrasound, so I hope that’s a pound or two more than actual.

My new craving: coconut. Specifically, the coconut frosting you get on german chocolate cake, and coconut popsicles. I just bought 3 boxes of these:

coconutI had to go to several stores to find them. Thank goodness for self checkout.



  1. the first dream i had while pregnant with my daughter was that i was having a baby girl. At our anatomy scan the technician said “i think it’s a girl” and i was in doubt until about 38 wks at a NEW doctor’s office they finally confirmed it.


  2. You could always get one of those 4D image scans. Around our area, they are only like $100.

  3. I’m so glad the scan went well! Hmmm, not sure about the 80% chances and if you should put lots of faith in them or not. Maybe with clothes and other returnable gifts, but not with more permanent things (painting, furniture, etc.)?

    OK, I feel like a complete piggy – I’ve already gained 14 pounds!!! I’m tall like you, but still…

  4. Glad the anatomy scan went good!! Congrats on the girl!!!!!!!!

  5. Maybe new doctor will want to have a looksee for herself? I am so happy the baby is healthy- whichever flavor you end up getting.

  6. Grad the scan went great, sorry about Mean Doctor 😦 Ungh. Hope the new doc is better!

  7. Oh wow, me wants coconut now too. With chocolate.

    It seems like it’s always a little harder to be 100% sure on girls. I’m hoping your new doc will help you to get another look too. I think it would be hard to put off the excitement of finally knowing too (little girl clothes are SO cute).

    Glad to hear that everything went well and you can drop that jerk. I hope this new doc proves to be a winner.

  8. Run to that new doc! This one sounds like a real twit. I’d have thought he’d have you on something stronger for the terrible heartburn. It’s not good for your esophagus to be constantly bathed in acid, though the extra calcium in the Tums is good.
    Hopefully your new OB will scan in a week or two to double check on the hands – why wait 4 weeks? And hopefully then they can confirm it’s a girl for you.
    Glad baby’s looking good and growing well!

  9. 🙂 yea! good scan. i think, personally, that the girl is much easier to see than the boy parts on US. If she’s 80% sure those are pretty good odds, i’d say.

    sorry your old doc is such a jerk. seriously. i can’t wait until you get to go to new doc 🙂

  10. I’m so glad your scan went well and at least Rosie was sweet! I hope you get to do another scan, too! I think you’re the first I’ve read about craving coconut. That’s too funny!

  11. I tripped on your website randomly, but I wanted to let you know that vinegar helps with heartburn. I agree that you should definitely be on something, but if you want to try it in the meantime, it might help.

    I take one tbsp of apple cider vinegar straight. Don’t mix it with anything. It tastes awful and feels a bit like burning for about 10 seconds, but it really helps and you should feel some relief shortly. If by 5 minutes you aren’t feeling anything take another tbsp. I really hope it helps. Heartburn+pregnancy is the pits.

  12. Am so happy your scan went so well and that the baby is healthy! Your current doctor sounds so worth ditching for the new one…and hopefully she will give you a new scan to look at the hands and give you more certainty about the sex. FWIW, I’m almost certain that my doctor said Zantac is safe for heartburn when I asked her (it was a few weeks and then mine lessened up so I stopped thinking about it)…maybe you can ask your new doc about it. You’ve got me thinking about coconut now too!

  13. Hooray for a great scan!

    The uncertain sex diagnosis is a weird thing. My twins were 100% boy and 90% girl at the first scan that could show sexes. It felt like she was 90% girl/10% boy instead of the truth, a 90% chance that she was a girl. Once I started thinking of them as boy-girl, I definitely didn’t want to learn that she was a boy after all and I’d have to get rid of all of the adorable girl clothes. “Luckily” because twins are higher risk, I’ve had several more scans since then (with weekly scans scheduled now that I’m having cervix issues) and they all confirm that they are 100% boy and 100% girl.

    Good luck with the new doc!

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