Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | July 24, 2009

stabbing pains in my cervix

I was going to post about my dietitian appointment yesterday (worthless), but some more exciting stuff happened today. Around noon I started having these really sharp, stabbing pains really low down, near my cervix. After about an hour of these lovely pains every few minutes, I had visions of incompetent cervix and baby falling out. I also had the rational thought that it was probably nothing. Dead baby thoughts won out and I called the office. A few hours later I still hadn’t heard back from the doctor and I was starting to get nervous. It’s a Friday afternoon, at 3pm and I’ve got these awful pains, and I’d really like to get them checked out so I don’t have to work myself up into a giant anxiety attack over the weekend about whether my baby is dead or not.

Finally they called me back and said to come in right then. My doctor was there but was doing ultrasounds, so another doctor would see me. My immediate thought was relief, and “well maybe I’ll get a good one that I can switch to.” In fact, she turned out to be very nice, though it appears that she may not be accepting new patients with my insurance. I have to check into that.

They checked my urine – no infection. She listened to the heartbeat, which was very good and apparently moving around though I have still felt nothing. She checked my cervix (ouch!) which she said is good and closed. It was probably just ligaments stretching. Both she and her nurse were nice about it though. They didn’t make me feel stupid. She even said “Hey, with your history, I can understand your concerns. Let’s check it out.” That’s the kind of doctor I want!

So, I have instructiong to take it easy the next few days and to call over the weekend if I have any problems. I feel a lot better knowing that Little Bird is still alive.



  1. That is a relief. Drink plenty of water.

  2. Glad to hear that everything checked out ok. New scary pains are SCARY! Hopefully it was just ligaments.

  3. Glad to hear everything is fine! Like Celia said, drink plenty of water!!

  4. i totally agree with the ladies above. some of my friends who work in labor and delivery swear by drinking 1 liter of water to see if it “cures” whatever it is that you are feeling.

    super glad that it is only ligament pain!!

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