Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | June 2, 2009

the squeaky wheel

I decided to be a pest today. I had some wicked cramping over the weekend and some slight spotting this morning, and combined with the 3 day headache from hell last week, that was enough to turn me into the assertive bitch that I apparently need to be in order to get some attention at my ob’s office. I wasn’t actually a bitch. My doctor was off today but the doctor on call said I could come in for an ultrasound today or tomorrow. I jumped at a late afternoon appointment. The baby is still alive and has grown very nicely. It’s measuring a day ahead, at 10 weeks 4 days.

I have to say that my ob’s gigantic office does have some nice ultrasound machines, with new flat screen TVs mounted on the wall so you don’t have to turn your head to get just a sideways glimpse of things. The ultrasound tech was able to totally zoom in on things. Seeing our baby’s heart beating all huge like that was incredible. I could see arms and legs now, and it’s looking less alien blob like and more baby like. It wiggled all around! It was very reassuring. I feel like I can breathe again, for the time being.



  1. That is wonderful Bird! Do they have any idea what the headaches might be from? I think I head you need more water when you are pg, do you think it is dehydration?

    *Sometimes my cats liberate a poo and play hockey with it. So every once in a while we will find a rogue poo.*

  2. That is terrific! Sorry you’re still not feeling too well, but what an awesome appointment!

    Ahhh, Celia may be on to something. Have you tried drinking loads of water? Just a thought.

  3. I’m glad all turned out well.

  4. Oh, yes! The wiggling is so reassuring!

  5. Glad that everything is looking good… but also sorry there was a reason to squeak. May that be the last bad headache you have to deal with for a long time!

  6. so glad to hear this πŸ™‚

    i feel like the US “quality” isn’t as good though. they have fancy gadgets and stuff, but it still doesnt’ look as good to me as the RE’s office.

  7. Oh good for you!!! I’m glad you got to see the baby…..and that everything is going just the way it is supposed to πŸ™‚

  8. You know I am a fellow squeaky wheel! Good for you — so happy that you got your needed reassurance. Don’t you wish we could see what was going on in there at all times??

  9. Great news.

    It’s good to be a squeaky wheel sometimes. That’s the only reason I got my u/s yesterday. Apparently leaving a voicemail asking how much pain should I be in before going to the hospital is effective at getting an early u/s.

    I hope the headaches and scary cramping stay gone.

  10. I’ve been reading for a few days and am so glad to hear that you finally saw a doc, had a US and all looks right with the baby. Woo-hoo!

    Headaches – so sorry, they can be a bear! They are common during pregnancy, especially during the first and third trimesters. They rarely signal a serious problem, but keep your doc informed about their frequency and intensity. You can read more about pregnancy headaces and how to cope with them here:

  11. Yay to the annoying wheel! I’m glad you feel some what reassured.

    I’m vicariously pregnant through you, you know that right? πŸ™‚ I don’t want to make light of your stres:, I’m sure it is gut wrenching, and if I were in your situation I would feel exactly the same way. In fact, moving into my RE’s waiting room would probably sound sane as it would be closer to the us machine.

    Send me an email if you would prefer me to be less public about my excitement

  12. It’s just Auntie Celia swinging by to check on you.

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