Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | May 31, 2009

are 3 day long headaches normal in pregnancy?

I think probably not. I will warn you up front, this will be a complainy post. I promise I’ll try to work on a couple of happy sunshiney posts in the future to make up for my negativity.

I told the nurse on Wednesday that I haven’t had any really bad headaches since the bfp. Sure I’ve had a couple of mild ones, but no migraines! It’s great! Before I got pregnant, I got several migraines a month! Then the next morning, I woke up with a pretty bad headache. And I can’t take Imitrex anymore.

I tried tylenol, drank some soda with caffeine, rested in a dark room, tried cold packs on my forehead and back of my neck, made sure I ate, and drank a lot to stay hydrated. Nothing helped. It was still there when I woke up Friday. I called my ob’s office around 11am. Around 4pm I heard back from them. They were going to call in some tylenol with codeine for me.  S went and picked it up and I took one around 5:30pm and again  before going to bed. It definitely helped ease the pain and pounding, but didn’t make the headache go away. I also had a good amount of cramping through the night, even with the painkillers. No spotting though. The headache lasted an entire third day, through yesterday evening.  I feel hungover and fuzzy today, but the headache is gone.

I am definitely going to be calling tomorrow and I WILL get in to see my doctor ( or any doctor), one way or another. Thank you guys for your comments. I kind of think that when I do get to see my ob, he will be sympathetic and understanding, as he helped me through 7 failed clomid cycles. If he does not seem to be willing to give me reassurance when needed, I will be finding another doctor.

What do you guys think about renting a home doppler? What have your experiences been, where have you rented from, did your ob approve it without trouble? I’m thinking that I really want to rent one. It might help me keep my sanity throughout this pregnancy.



  1. Ugh — am so sorry about your headache. I wish I knew the answer for you, but hopefully the doctor will tomorrow. And you are so right to say that you will move on if you don’t get the reassurance you need from this doctor.

    I am not sure where I stand on a rented doppler. On a day like today where I am dying for reassurance I can definitely see that it’s a good idea. But part of me wonders if it would be feeding that overly worried/obsessive part of me?? I don’t blame you at all for looking into them, though — let us know what you find out! Thinking of you and hoping you get relief soon.

  2. I am so sorry about this major headache. That sounds miserable. I really hope that the doctor is able to help.

    I have no experience with renting or needing a doppler, but if it helps with anxiety and helps reassure you, I am all for it.

  3. Ouch on the headache. So this is the Ob you’ve been going to and they still wouldn’t get you in quicker? I definitely agree with you, kick him to the curb if he is not taking care of your concerns.

    I obviously have no personal experience with a doppler, but I hear it can be difficult to find a heart beat sometimes with those and I think that would freak me out like crazy. That would be my only hesitance in getting one.

  4. Sorry about the headaches, ick. I wish I had some advice. None of the medicines I take for my Migraines are safe for pregnancy…

    Try warm wash clothes on the temples, maybe warm eye compresses… they won’t make it go away, but maybe they’ll help with the pain.

    I say rent a doppler if you want to, it won’t do any harm, and if you rent it on a monthly basis you can always return it a month later if it doesn’t work… right? I’ve heard many woman say it works out, but some woman it doesn’t work for them until 12-13 weeks. So, that can be kinda iffy.

  5. I had headaches almost daily while i was pregnant with my daughter. They usually popped up around 1 and lasted until i went to bed (5pm or 8pm depending on the trimester). So my solution was sleep.

    I hope they can give you something to ease that pain.

  6. I bought a doppler the first time I got a bfp. Obviously, I haven’t had the chance to use it so I lent it to a friend who LOVED it. I now have it back and part of me is excited to use it…and the other part knows that I will have that thing attached to my belly 24/7 and will probably drive myself and my husband crazy, lol.

    I belive it cost me around $130. Sorry about the headache:)

  7. I have never heard about the headaches. I am sorry you are feeling crappy Bird.

    I don’t know diddley do dah about dopplers, but if it makes you feel better -get one.

  8. Tag! I left something for you on my blog today.

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