Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | May 19, 2009

ultrasound pictures

Here are the ultrasound pictures at 8 weeks 3 days:





  1. ooOoOoOO, that is glorious 🙂 Beautiful!

  2. Hi Baby Bird! We’ve all been waiting for you!

  3. those are great u/s pictures for 8 weeks!!

  4. Beautiful!! Haven’t been keeping up with you, must add you to my blogroll! So happy for you!!

    Oh, yeah, early pregnancy and a sick cat. Great combo, huh? :-/

  5. 🙂 don’t get used to great pics like this. my OB’s office US machine totally sucks when compared to the RE’s. I was depressed when I saw them 🙂


  6. Congrats! S/he looks beautiful.

    Happy graduation! I hope it gets better once you actually start seeing the OB and make it past the scheduler.

  7. What beautiful pics, and happy graduation!!

  8. Hi,

    Congratulations. I found out about your blog when I do a search of PCOS.

    I suffer from PCOS, had a miscarriage once because of PCOS. Ever since then I was on metformin, conceive four months later and uses metformin throughout my pregnancy. I stop taking metformin after I deliver. Now I have a healthy 8 months old baby girl.

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