Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | April 22, 2009

sometimes more information is not good

Remember how on Friday, the lab screwed up and didn’t run my progesterone level? I knew it was probably not all that important, but it pissed me off that my insurance company (and therefore I) would have to pay for the wrong test and wouldn’t even get the test that was requested.

Thankfully, I have adopted my mom’s habit of taking business cards from wherever I go (hey, at least I don’t steal pens yet), so I pulled out the card and ended up leaving a message at the lab. It was 3pm on Friday, so I wasn’t really expecting a call back. Half an hour later, the actual guy who drew my blood called and apologized. He had indeed made a mistake and had run a prolactin level instead of progesterone. He contacted the main lab and was having them check the progesterone level, and made sure that we wouldn’t be charged for the extra test.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I got a call from the RE’s office. The nurse said that she wasn’t sure if anyone had called me with the progesterone results (no), and that they were 28.6, which was fine. That freaked me out because my first progesterone level was 36.7. It dropped 8 points in two days? She said that it’s not a problem, that your body produces progesterone in pulses, and there can be some variability. This was the nurse that was pissy about checking my progesterone level back during the miscarriage in December.

I’m already on prometrium and I’m not spotting. If I hadn’t called and bitched about the lab error, I would not know that the level was lower. I wasn’t worried before I got the results. Now I’m worried again. I want some kind of reassurance, and there really is none. I’ve had some cramping, but nothing really painful that might indicate an ectopic. But you never know.

Speaking of ectopics, Natalie is going through some horrible shit right now. She’s struggled with infertility, done 4 IVF’s, and her first son was stillborn at 36 weeks. She finally got pregnant from a FET, getting a bfp on the anniversary of her son’s death, and she just found out it’s ectopic. She’s going to lose her right tube this afternoon. See, bad shit happens. And it happens to people who have already had some seriously bad shit happen to them. Life is so unfair. And it makes me worry more that things can’t possibly go right for us.



  1. Yeah, more info is not always better. Progesterone levels can be pretty mysterious creatures so as long as your above what ever your clinic considers the min, it probably isn’t that important.

    I think the thing that you should be worried with right now is that they screw up the billing and charge you anyways! It would happen if it were me.

    I read about Natalie today too and thought about you. But, your beta levels are super and her’s were on the low side and not doubling very fast. It doesn’t see like there would be any reason to worry about ectopic at this point for you. Everything will be where it should be! I’m still rooting for you over here.

    You mentioned some papers on met through pregnancy the other day in a comment left for Celia. If you have links for any of those could you pass them on to me?

  2. I was interested in that link too.

    I think it is natural to be worried now and any of us that has lost a baby would be freaked if their progesterone dropped. I am very happy you are taking a supplement.

  3. Try not to panic about the progesterone (I know, I know, easier said than done!) But you do have an excellent number, and your Prometrium is bound to help out.

    Hang in there hun (*hugs*)

  4. I would imagine that you are just fine. However, I would be worrying too if it were me. It’s just the nature of the beast. But (as you know) the nurse was right. Progesterone is produced in a pulsatile manner–and again (me the broken record) I bet you are fine. Hang in there. =)

  5. Think about it this way – most women who get pregnant go about their business without even thinking for a second about what their progesterone level might be. We are more in tune with our bodies and levels and so on, but the fact is that millions of pregnancies happen and are fine without giving much thought to the variables of progesterone (much less an 8-pt drop which is, I would think, not even close to being significant…I bet if you tested someone within hours there would be lots of variation like that). So if you can, try not to worry too much about it – of course if there were cause for concern they would tell you.

  6. girl…i’m the wrong person to talk to about being worried šŸ™‚ i worry about everything!

    i really hope that everything is ok!


  7. I am thinking of you bird.

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