Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | April 14, 2009

way too many pee sticks

Whoever it was that suggested that getting a beta now would save me money on pee sticks was right. I bought four boxes yesterday. I’ve taken at least three tests a day just to reassure myself. I was planning to call and request a beta tomorrow, but maybe I’ll call this afternoon so I don’t have to wonder tomorrow if they have faxed it over yet. My RE doesn’t do betas at his office. I have to go to a regular lab for that. The mean nurse who did the IUI cautioned me not to take a test until 2 weeks after the IUI (yeah right), so if I call the office and get her, I bet she won’t let me get a beta yet. I need to keep reminding myself that either way, it’s not going to change anything. I’m already on prometrium. But I want to know what’s going on dammit!

It’s  11 dpo today. I woke up at 4am because I was hungry. Yes, my hunger woke me out of a sound sleep. I got up and tested again.  There is a line on the First Response Early Results test this morning, but it’s soooo faint. The digital is still positive, and the Target test is darker still. Because I am insane, I also took a Clearblue +/- test yesterday afternooon, which was definitely positive even without first morning urine. I’m still skeptical though. I want to be hopeful, but I don’t want to get my heart broken again. I want to get a beta, but I’m scared to death of getting a low number.

Thank you guys for all of the well wishes and congratulations. I am shocked by this apparent/maybe bfp, but I’m trying not to get too invested. I’ve seen so many of my bloggy friends get their hearts broken, numerous times, during the stages ahead. S is not excited at all. I think he is worried that it will end terribly again and I will be devastated. I don’t think we’ll both believe it until we take a real live baby home from the hospital in December.

IF is agonizing. You are either going to get wonderful happy news, or you will be totally devastated. There is no middle ground.



  1. Boo I am just glad you are still getting positive tests. I was so afraid when you did not post that it was a bunch of BFNs. I am thinking about you. I told Mr. last night that your BFP gives me hope for us.

  2. woot woot for the BFPS!!!

  3. All those positive pee sticks are an excellent sign!!! I hope that you get a big, huge beta number tomorrow. 🙂

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