Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | April 3, 2009

could femara possibly be my new friend?

My ultrasound was interesting. On the left ovary, there were three follicles. One was 27mm, one was 17, and one was 14 or 15. Now, here’s the thing, since I didn’t have a baseline ultrasound (the RE himself said I didn’t need one, and me, being cheap, did not insist on one),ย  any or all of these could be leftover cysts from last month. Or the Femara could have worked beautifully. Who the fuck knows!? It’s cd 16, so they could be legitimate follicles.

My first instinct was that the 27mm one is a leftover cyst, and the other two are fresh follicles. The nurse who did the ultrasound was yet another new nurse I had never met before, and she said she thought I should trigger right then and do an IUI tomorrow so we make sure to catch the 27mm one. I told her my worries that it was a cyst and maybe we should wait and see if the smaller ones catch up. She went and hunted down the doctor and showed him my ultrasound pictures while I got dressed.

She came back and found me and told me that the RE thought they were all good follicles because of the way the edges looked. Ok. I hope he is right. I went and picked up a trigger shot from the pharmacy and shot up in the parking lot. My IUI is tomorrow at 2pm, a little over 27 hours after trigger.

While this is good news, I refuse to get my hopes up for this cycle. I am happy that there is a chance this cycle, but I am not going to make myself crazy. It was awfully nice not to have to get my blood drawn multiple times (or pay for it). It was nice to only have one shot to give myself. The nurse gave me a refill on prometrium. At the very least, I won’t have a never ending anovulatory cycle and have to take provera.

I am stating right now that I will not participate in that bitch, Fertility Friend’s “early pregnancy signs estimator”. Oh no. That whore gave me a 98/100 last cycle and then laughed at me when I got a bfn. I am even tempted to stop temping this cycle. I won’t go so far as to promise that I won’t test, but I am leaning towards just waiting for AF. Is it possible to have a two week wait that doesn’t drive you crazy? I might strive for that.

The odds are low. They are lower than with injectables, that is for sure. But the injectables haven’t worked. I’m guessing that we have about a 10% chance this cycle, so I’m going to assume that it won’t work and just try to live life for the next two weeks. Last cycle, I was all optimistic and rosy and did everything right and I got my heart run through a cheese grater. Fuck that. I haven’t told anyone except S that we are doing an IUI this cycle. I don’t think I’ll tell my mom or sister or the in laws. Our secret Femara cycle that only me, my husband, and the internets knows about.



  1. Woot for the follie! I’ll keep it quiet here, but i’m full of hope for you!

  2. Whoa! That’s fantstic news. I’m starting a Femera IUI cycle (when AF ever shows up) as well…how much did you take? I’m supposed to take 3 pills daily on cd 3-7 Could you let me know how much you took?

    Keeping fingers crossed for you:)

  3. Yay! I so happy to hear that life seems to be cutting you a small break for a change.

  4. What a wonderful response to Femara!

    I know the odds are low, but good luck anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I am full of the “h” word for you too!

  6. awesome! Good luck!

  7. Best of luck with the femara cycle…if you want more info on my Atlanta clinic shoot me an email at

  8. i hope the femara worked. i’ll be thinking about you today! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. hi! i just wanted to tell you that i too have annovulatory PCOS..clomid did nothing for me. I ovulated 3 times on femara alone, and then with femara(CD3-7) and follistim(CD5-11) and an iui i just saw my VERY First BFP!! This is after 12(TWELVE) years of unprotected sex!! Maybe if the femara alone doesn’t work, ask your REto try femara and follistim.. the femara reduces androgens in the ovary and I KNOW it created a better environment for the eggs to ripen! My first beta at 16dpo is 348. Oviously I am cautiosly optimistic.. but I am in uncharted territory and thanking God for every second..DON’T Give UP!!

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