Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | March 16, 2009

and now I’m spotting

Yeah, now I’m spotting. Red. At 13 dpo. I haven’t ever started bleeding until 4 or 5days after stopping the prometrium. This must  mean that my natural progesterone has dropped a ton.  Wonderful.

I just renewed my Fertility Friend VIP membership for a year for $45. For the past year I kept renewing it first one month at a time (because I was going to fall pregnant anytime now since I was starting clomid!) and then I renewed for 3 months (once I lost some of my optimism). Now I’m assuming I’ll need the full next year, if not more. Do they have a 5 year plan? Because I might need that. Oh and the funny thing is, FF’s “Early Pregnancy Signs” is giving me 98/100 points. Worthless piece of shit.



  1. Boo I am sorry.

  2. balls! sorry.

    FF is a jerk too. 😦

  3. I am so sorry sweetie…. so very sorry.

    FF is a buttmuch… I was also doing the monthly thing, then the 3 months thing… I caved at New Years and paid for a years subscription. Of course. Then I felt like such a loser… (*sigh*) Way to go attacking what little self esteem I had left FF.

  4. I am so sorry!

    I screamed when I saw the comment about the Early pregancy signs. I got 97/100 last month! Who on earth made that crap up? It’s just one more way to suck us in.

  5. I’m sorry. And I hate FF. It only works for the “fertile” people in my life. Ick.

    I’m glad that you have a WTF appointment with your RE on Friday. Maybe he/she will be able to provide you with some answers and some hope. Thinking of you and hoping you find peace soon.

  6. This just bites.


  7. Ugh. It’s just awfulawfulness. I’m sure it’s bad form to point you to my blog, but there is a post up there that might speak to some of these awful feelings you are struggling with.

  8. bah! I hate renewing. hate it. sorry for the recent turn of events.

  9. Oh, so sorry. Month after month is just so frustrating and upsetting.

  10. Implantation spotting? (Ever hopeful, even after a crapload of miscarriages. . . )

  11. just catching up. so sorry. the marathon aspect of infertility is just a killer. thinking of you.


  12. arg. this sucks. 😦 thinking of you. xoxo

  13. FF can fuck itself. I’m really sorry

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