Posted by: birdsandsquirrels | March 9, 2009

to my little embryo(s)

I was looking through my notebook and came across a note that I wrote during our first injectables +IUI cycle in November. I was on a plane, two days after my IUI, flying across the country because my grandpa had just died. I wrote a letter to our embryo or embryos. I ended up getting a bfp that cycle, but quickly miscarried. The note is cheesy, but it can’t hurt to put those thoughts out there again.

To my little embryo(s),

We have been waiting for you and hoping for you for a very long time. We have had the help of some doctors and did everything we could this cycle. Now it is up to you to either choose us, or some other family, if that is how souls are doled out. We hope that our gametes came together at the correct time and melded. We hope that your chromosomes aligned correctly, then separated, and that crossing over took place to give you your unique mix of traits that we will come to know and love. We hope that cell division is rapidly taking place in my comfortable, welcoming fallopian tubes and uterus. We hope that in a few days, you will burrow into the cozy lining of my uterus and take hold for the next nine months and continue to grow and develop. You can do it!

But please, don’t implant in my fallopian tubes. There’s not enough room there to nourish a growing embryo, so wait for the plush 10 mm uterine lining. I promise to do everything I can to nourish you as you grow. I will eat healthy, nutritious food. I will exercise and stay fit. I will get plenty of sleep, and I will be happy through any discomfort or changes in my body. My only job is to care for you.

When you are born, you will meet your wonderful family, including big cat T and little cat J, the cats who will fight over the ability to sleep in your crib with you. Your dad and I will have so much fun watching you grow and learn and become your own person. We will be the best parents we can be. We will provide you with love, learning, new places to see, your own map of counties you have traveled through (yes we are dorks), and lots and lots of  books and puzzles.  We will appreciate and celebrate your own special strengths, interests, and abilities and try to nurture them whenever possible. We look forward to laughing with you, being amused when you learn to reason and have your own opinions, and watching you misbehave and stretch your limits. We cannot wait to see the little person you are to become.

All you have to do now is grow and implant. You can do it! You can do it! You can do it! And if it doesn’t happen this month, we will try again. And wait. But we really want you. We have been waiting for you and hoping for you for a really long time.



  1. What a lovely post. It brought tears to my eyes. Not corny at all. =) May this be the month!!!

  2. (*HUGS*) Beautiful letter. It amazes me how much we love our children before we ever even have them. I wonder if people outside the IF community ever feel the same way. Our children, however they come to us, are so loved from the moment we decide we want them. And their length of stay doesn’t change that.

    I hope this month brings you new hope.

  3. Bird I am just saying hi. That is a lovely letter. I talk to my uterus and encourage it to do it’s job.

  4. I love your letter. I think it is an excellent idea 🙂

    I really hope this is your month.

  5. i wish i could give you a big hug!! 🙂

  6. Just found this, its a bit old now sorry, but still really touching. I sit and talk to my womb regulary hoping a little embryo can hear me – 12dpo, here’s hoping xx

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